Guide to Ranking on Google Maps

2020 Guide to Ranking on Google Maps

Everyone uses Google Maps, but businesses need to also use this tool for marketing. Once optimized, your business will be easier to find, which makes it one of the most useful tools that Google offers. When someone performs a search for keywords related to your business, your listing should be the first to pop up. If that isn’t the case, this guide will show you how to fix your Google Maps listing and how to create a marketing plan to rank higher.

What is Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps marketing refers to making your business easier to find in Google. While some large companies try to optimize for this platform, small businesses are the true winners because Google Maps offers more local visibility. When used correctly, it becomes a central focus to a local marketing strategy. As people search locally for products and services, your business could be the first listing that pops up with this new strategy.

How Do Businesses Get on Google Maps

google maps rankingHave you added your business listing to Google Maps yet? This is actually a simple process, but it’s not everything you need for a successful marketing strategy. (Scroll down further to complete your strategy after adding your business to Google Maps.)

  1. Go to Google My Business. Click on “Manage Now.”
  2. Follow instructions to find your business and claim the listing.
  3. Click “Add your business to Google” to finish setting up your listing.
  4. Include all of your business details, including website URL, address, hours, phone number, and description. You should also add photos and any other important information.
  5. Wait for Google to send a verification code in the mail. You will need this to confirm your address is correct and finalize your listing.

How Can Businesses Rank Higher on Google Maps

When creating your Google My Business listing, businesses must add as much information as possible. This offers more information to Google, but it also helps inform searchers looking for information.

The key ingredients to a complete profile include:

  • Business phone number: You must use a local phone number that does not include any tracking information. Google may not publish your number if you do this.
  • Website URL: Your website should be easy to load on any device from Google Maps.
  • Hours: Keep your business hours updated and accurate.
  • Business description: Add local Phoenix SEO keywords to your description in a natural way. For example, “We’re the top Phoenix realtors with the best closing rates.”
  • Business categories: Google can utilize category information from your website, so it’s important to add as many relevant categories as you can to your listing.
  • Profile images
  • Verified status: Once you receive the verification postcard from Google, you can submit your code and get a verified symbol next to your listing.
  • Reviews: When your business gets a customer review, it shows everyone else that you are trustworthy and reliable, as long as it’s positive. If you start to receive negative reviews, then you may need to fix what’s not working and reply back to these reviews.
  • Manager replies to reviews: You should reply to all reviews, whether positive or negative. Sometimes a simple “thank you” is best, but if the review is particularly bad, a manager should reply in a way that takes the conversation private while offering to resolve the issue.
  • 4-star and 5-star ratings: Higher ratings signal to Google that your business is a great find and will likely help your business rank up quickly.
  • Questions and answers: You can add popular customer service questions or reply to questions right on your Google Maps profile.

Optimize Your Website for Google Maps

google maps ranking

Your Google My Business listing is one of the key components to a local SEO marketing strategy, but your website also needs to match and highlight local keywords to continue to rank highly.

Check Your Website on All Devices

Your website must be responsive in 2020. Google checks all indexed websites for mobile responsiveness, speed, and broken links. If your website is working properly and offers a quick user experience, you likely have nothing to worry about here.

Add Local Keywords

Since Google Maps marketing is for local businesses, you should add location-based keywords to your website. You should add locations with top keywords like “Phoenix SEO agency” to titles, headers, image tags, body text, and URLs.

Embed Google Maps on Your Contact Us Page

You can also use plugins or widgets to add Google Maps to your contact page to make it easier for people to find your business and get directions.

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