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5 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships Through Social Media

Building customer relationships is the foundation of good business. In today’s digital world, this is challenging because many people shop from home, making face-to-face interactions impossible. Companies must align themselves to where their customers are and connect with them directly there. These days, that is social media. The following outlines five ways a business can benefit from using social media to create meaningful customer relationships.

Have Personal Conversations

brand-customer conversationOne aspect that is often missing from the modern marketplace is the personal touch. Empathy is the basis for all positive human interactions, and this is also true of business. Including a person’s first name in a social media response makes the individual feel that the business cares about their experience and feedback. Another goal is to build a virtual community where customers are informed, feel safe expressing themselves and are connected to others. The business should establish itself as an industry authority and the first destination for customers when they have questions or suggestions about services and products. The more a company interacts with its customers instructed by a Facebook marketing Phoenix company, the more personal the relationships will feel. This builds trust.

Respond Quickly to Feedback

Life online is fast paced, and customers often want answers immediately. They are not willing to make a call and wait on hold forever. This is why they go to social media first to make Facebook posts or tweets about their concerns, especially when they are unhappy or upset. A study done by Lithium Technologies revealed that 53 percent of individuals who ask a company a question Twitter expect an answer within an hour. While a business does not have to be on social media every minute of the day, it should try to reply to feedback within 30 minutes, when possible. A large part of building a brand means being willing to respond to all comments in a timely manner, whether they are good or bad. Not doing so will result in customers leaving and a negative impact to a company’s reputation.

Encourage Customer Stories

customer storiesPeople enjoy talking about themselves, especially their children, their accomplishments and the places they travel. The basis for this is the need to share a story. This should be encouraged by businesses because it provides insight into the lives of customers, encouraging further engagement from others and extensive audience reach. Life moments are an excellent way to enhance customer relationships to make a brand stronger and more aware. A company can use these personal stories when they relate to the brand, making for a powerful social media strategy. Another approach is to post the names of those who are the most engaged and loyal to the business. The customers can brag about this on their personal profiles, and the company gets strong and positive customer relationships.

Have Contests and Giveaways

social media giveawayPeople love contests and giveaways, and this is another great way to build customer relationships. These events are social media opportunities that create buzz and encourage visits to the company website. The first step is asking followers to tell at least three friends about the contest or giveaway. This will help it go viral and increase engagement across all platforms. Facebook Live is a popular method of interacting with customers, and many businesses host their contests this way. This also works for live chats or question-and-answer sessions. It is a personal touch that shows a company cares about its customer base and wants to help in any way it can.

Reply to All Reviews

Having a business means dealing with online reviews and ratings. These can be positive or negative, but all of them factor into how a company is perceived. They also have an impact on local SEO, which will drive more traffic to a business website, increasing the bottom line. A business should always reply to all reviews and be willing to make things right with unhappy customers. The first rule of building customer relationships is respect. An individual who feels that a company cares will be a customer for life, even when things do not go right. Being willing to respond to all reviews is the path to a great reputation.

A business only exists because of its customers. Following the five tips above ensures the building of strong and positive relationships that will carry a company into the future.

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