Does Adding Fresh Content Help SEO

Does Adding Fresh Content Help SEO?

Smart business owners who want to boost their online presence and increase their sales know that they usually need to increase their search engine page rank in order to do so. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is how this is done. No one knows exactly how search engines rank pages exactly, but there are many SEO strategies business owners use to increase their rank.

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One SEO strategy business owners use is to consistently update their webpages with fresh content. Since many people do not understand how pages are ranked exactly, many business owners may wonder if the SEO strategy of adding fresh content actually works or not. The answer is: it depends.

When Does Adding Fresh Content Help SEO?

Google and other major search engines know that the people using them want information that is up-to-date, relevant and useful. Websites that are updated frequently are much more likely to have up-to-date information than webpages that were created years ago. Therefore, a newer webpage would score higher in terms of fresh content.

The date a website is created is not the only factor that determines a website’s freshness score, however. Factors such as how much of the website has been updated and how often the website has been updated can help a website’s score as well. It also helps when business owners add more pages to the website or when other people link to the website from sites that have high PR(insert plug for our sister site BUY HIGH PR DOMAINS).

When a search engine sees that people are continuing to click on a website and spend some time on it, the search engine sees that the website is still useful. As a result, the webpage ranks higher in the search engine results and is seen by more people. Websites that continually offer fresh content are more likely to have regularly visitors and are more likely to rank higher in the results.

When Does Adding Fresh Content Not Help SEO?

While adding more fresh content to a webpage does increase its chances of being up-to-date and useful, fresh content is only one of over 200 signals search engines look at when determining a page’s rank.

If a website has a great deal of fresh content but scores poorly in other factors, the website still will not receive a high ranking.

Furthermore, search engines know that websites fill a variety of purpose and not all websites will need fresh content.

For example, instructional or information sites do not need to be updated as often as news and current events sites because some information does not change over time. A newer webpage about the Declaration of Independence, for example, is not likely to be any more useful than an older page simply because it is newer.

How Can Companies Improve their SEO?

In addition to posting new content regularly, business owners can hire a company such as Phoenix SEO firm Internet Marketing Team to help them improve their SEO strategy. Phoenix SEO has the knowledge business owners need to improve their company’s SEO. Plus, your Phoenix SEO experts at Internet Marketing Team makes the process easy, so business owners can spend more time focusing on what they do best.

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