How Our Solutions Increased National Rankings, Brand Awareness, and Customer Conversions

A Quick Overview


  • Being outranked by national competitors and not having enough brand reach.


  • National keyword research for optimal targeting. Building an effective marketing strategy to increase national brand awareness.


  • National rankings for industry keywords, strong brand awareness, more customer conversions. 

About ACC Medlink

ACC Medlink, established in 2010 under its parent company Air Critical Care (ACC), is a leading long-distance medical ground transport and air ambulance service provider in the United States. With a focus on affordability and patient-centric care, ACC Medlink has become the preferred choice for individuals requiring non-emergency medical transportation over vast distances.

ACC Medlink prioritizes the comfort and luxury of its patients. Utilizing a fleet of large, comfortable medical Mercedes Sprinter Vans – the most spacious in the industry – patients experience a more comfortable journey nationwide compared to traditional, smaller medical minivans used by competitors.

The Problem

In the fiercely competitive realm of nationwide medical transportation, ACC Medlink faced the daunting task of standing out among formidable national competitors. Despite having a reasonably strong online presence, the realization struck that merely maintaining the status quo would not suffice. To tackle the uphill battle of outshining rivals and carving a distinct identity, ACC Medlink recognized the urgent need for a more robust brand presence and a finely tuned marketing strategy. Faced with the complexities of national competition, the company sought the expertise of Internet Marketing Team to address the pressing issue at hand.

With a considerable audience actively searching for long-distance medical transportation services, ACC Medlink acknowledged the necessity of not just being part of the online landscape but strategically positioning itself at the forefront. The decision to collaborate with Internet Marketing Team stems from the acknowledgment that overcoming national competitors requires more than routine efforts.

ACC Medlink faced the daunting task of standing out among formidable national competitors.

The Solution

To build an effective SEO strategy for Limitless TRT & Aesthetics and improve their website conversation and traffic, Internet Marketing Team conducted keyword research that ranked higher for local and organic searches showing up in Google listings and social media profiles combined with a newly redesigned website. They did this by:

National Keyword Research

  • Acknowledging the significance of a targeted approach, we collaborated closely to pinpoint and prioritize a curated selection of industry-specific keywords aligned with their distinct services and objectives. This intentional refinement of the keyword focus facilitated a more streamlined and effective SEO campaign, tailored for national coverage and aimed at reaching a broader audience within the industry.
  • We conducted meticulous research to understand the keywords users commonly search for at a nationwide level. By delving into the patterns and preferences of users seeking information or services on a broad scale, we identified and targeted these keywords strategically, enabling us to enhance our online visibility and ranking in the national domain.

Increasing National Rankings

  • We placed particular emphasis on establishing a comprehensive backlink profile on a national scale, reinforcing our authority and credibility within the industry
  • Development of location landing pages and the crafting of keyword-optimized content. This involved creating content finely tuned to resonate with the target audience while meticulously optimizing the website for SEO, ensuring a robust online presence and visibility on a national scale.
  • These efforts have positioned ACC Medlink as a standout leader among national competitors. ACC Medlink has achieved a remarkable feat of ranking in the top three nationally for their target keywords.
  • The substantial improvement in organic visibility achieved through our strategic efforts significantly bolstered their organic traffic, leading to a surge in online engagement and potential client interactions.

Building Brand Awareness

  • We further enhanced ACC Medlink’s brand awareness by strategically submitting the company to relevant directories. This approach is aimed at increasing online visibility and accessibility. Moreover, our efforts resulted in ACC Medlink being nominated for awards within the industry, adding prestigious accolades to their profile and reinforcing their standing as a distinguished and noteworthy player in the field of medical transportation on a national scale.
  • By ensuring the company’s presence across prominent business directories and leveraging editorial coverage in reputable magazines, we heightened visibility and cultivated a positive public image.

The Results

The outcome of ACC Medlink’s collaboration with the Internet Marketing Team in their national SEO campaign proved to be revolutionary. The meticulous cultivation of enhanced visibility resulted in a substantial climb in national rankings, positioning them prominently above competitors. This surge in visibility correlated directly with a notable increase in brand awareness, customer conversions, and ultimately, revenue. The domino effect of elevated online presence, heightened lead generation, improved sales, and amplified revenue highlights the profound impact of the SEO campaign on ACC Medlink’s overall business success.

The Question

Are you ready to get your business at the top of the search engine? The answer is straightforward: If you’re done loosing to your competitors and are ready to attract more traffic to your products and services, an effective SEO strategy with top-ranking keywords is essential. Let’s face it, the majority of people rarely venture beyond the first page of search results, and if you’re not there, you’re essentially invisible.

Working with the Internet Marketing Team brings success and increases national rankings, brand awareness, and more customers. We are a team of professional SEO strategists and have enacted several SEO methods to increase targeted and organic keywords for businesses needing our expertise in this field.

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