header Google Announces DDoS Protection For Free Expression

Google Announces DDoS Protection For Free Expression

In response to a Google Ideas request from an activist Google is testing a new service that protects websites from DDoS attacks.  The new service and currently in testing combines Google’s Page Speed Service and Google’s proven DDoS Mitigation technologies.

I know what you are thinking about search engine optimization Phoenix. Where do I signup to get this for my site? Well, its not available for the general public. Instead Google is focusing on protecting “Free Expression Online” and hopes to help political activists, human rights organizations and smaller media outlets that can’t afford this expensive technology . If you have an organization that you think might qualify you can apply for the invite only beta on Googles Ideas website.

I for one hope this eventually rolls out to the public. Along with having the gold standard in website protection I am sure webmasters from Phoenix SEO Service will be seeing huge speed improvements which results in better SEO, and happier clients.

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