Google Apps and Postini

Google Apps and Postini

Google Apps and Postini.

Postini was a late 90’s startup founded by by Shinya Akamine, Gordon Irlam, Brian Maggi, and Scott Petry that offered business email more security, better backup and archiving, and a many more controls for filtering spam.  Many companies were using Postini to archive and filter Gmail for Business accounts so in 2007 Google decided it would be best to acquire the company for roughly $625 million.

Google Apps and PostiniIn 2011 Google announced that they would be discontinuing Postini but building many of those great features directly into Google Apps For Business. We have already seen many of the filtering features show up in the Apps Cpanel and Google recently implemented Google Vault as an easy to manage archival add-on for only $5/user. Google Vault allows users to set retention policies and quickly search across the entire domain for emails related to subjects and keywords.

Many of the Google Apps and Postini clients have already moved to Vault and the remaining customers are planned to be migrated as their annual contracts expire in 2013. Google has taken an active approach to these migrations offering tools and personal assistance. In addition, Google has posted a thorough breakdown in the Google Apps and Postini transition FAQ page.

“Starting in Q1 2013, we will send emails with more details on the transition, and with links to the terms and conditions for using the services and the Postini Transition Amendment. You’ll be able to sign these agreements via online forms, and you’ll need to sign them before your renewal date. You’ll have 60-90 days to complete your transition once you receive your transition invitation notice. “


Because of Googles involvement I am confident Google Apps and Postini customers will experience a smooth transition to the new service.  If you have questions about the Google Apps and Postini transition or Google Vault give us a call at 480-999-3080 or search Phoenix SEO firms which can help you with Google ranking and SEO.

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