Google Apps for Work Promo Code 2016

Google Apps For Work Promo Code 2016

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As a business owner, you might be contemplating a change in the way you organize your business, but you can’t seem to pin down what to do. If your business employs fantastic workers, but you still lack organization or face lackluster results, you might want to take a hard, honest look at the tools you are using for your business. The wrong tools in the hands of even the most highly qualified individuals can lead to unproductive or disastrous results. This is where Google Apps for Work and Internet Marketing Team can help you succeed.

At the end of this informational article, you will find a means to access to promo codes which you can use to save on Google Apps for Work. Internet Marketing Team offers a promo code for 20% off your first year! These codes are provided courtesy of Internet Marketing Team, your number one Phoenix SEO firm. What could be better than obtaining tools like SEO in Phoenix necessary to provide optimal results while saving your business money?
To illustrate these benefits to you, let us first dive straight into what Google Apps for Work is all about.


Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) is a multi-tool business organization suite. To break it down further, this program allows a business to have access to things like Google Docs, Hangouts, Sheets, etc. As Google itself states in their video for Google Apps for Work Youtube account, is a “simple but powerful set of tools” designed to make your business grow exponentially.
Google Apps For Work Promo CodeYour business will have access to all these programs on a bigger scale. The biggest difference compared to other forms of the Google Products is access to a larger storage capacity for the Google Drive which holds everything your business needs in one convenient place that can be managed at your discretion.
Google Apps for Work takes everything you love about the free Google Drive and provides your business with all the added bonus of management capabilities. The Drive stores more than a free consumer version and you will be able to manage multiple devices and accounts. The product is designed to efficiently manage time and work product of the company.


You may be thinking — why would I pay for something that I can get for free? The answer is simple. If you want more out of your employees and your business, Google Apps for Work will get you there. If you want more frustration, limited storage capabilities for the Drive, and lack of top-notch support, then the free version is the way to go. If you choose the option of Google Apps for Work, then continue on the read about the varying benefits such a quality product offers.

Drive Storage

First and possibly the best benefit is the Drive storage. Drive refers to cloud storage space on the Internet which can be accessed and utilized by any authorized user of the company’s choosing. Most free web-based storage options, offer only a limited amount of storage. Unless you want to employ someone to constantly check to see if the company’s storage is within the specified parameters, it might be a wise decision to pay for a product that will provide you a larger byte limit.

Dedicated Support Team

Second, Google Apps for Work comes with convenient 24/7 customer support, via phone and or e-mail. If there is ever an issue, someone will always be available to you and your employees. This support team can resolve the issue swiftly allow your employees to get back to work sooner. Problem and issues come up in every business, but with 24/7 support, you can almost guarantee that a problem with the product will not hinder the productivity or success of the business. Also, Google Apps for Work guarantees a 99.9% uptime, meaning the program will be available to use almost always. The .1% is needed for necessary upgrades in order to optimize the programs for maximum effectiveness.

Compatibility Options

Third, this program offers compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. If you have a preexisting Microsoft Outlook system or if one of your employees prefers the interface, you can still manage their account through this program. Likewise, Outlook can be used to manage Google calendars, email, etc., if desired. If you need to hold onto old e-mails from other services such as Lotus Notes and Outlook, your e-mails can be quickly and easily transferred to your new business Gmail account. These tools, called Migration tools, make the changeover to Google Apps for Work seamless. These tools transfer e-mails, contacts, and your calendars so that you don’t have to manually enter anything. It offers a simple way to switch over without interrupting your workflow to deal with the changeover.

Better E-mail for a Better Business

Google Apps For Business - GmailAnother great feature is the heightened security features, especially on the Drive and e-mail. Through Google Apps for Work, your business will be able to filter out any unwanted spam messages. You will also be able to own and operate your companies own private, safe, and secure e-mail. Unlike the free version of g-mail where your e-mail address will end in “”, your company will be able to use the name of their company instead (eg: “”). Especially if you are a small business or work from home, an e-mail with you own domain name or company name will add a sense of professionalism to your business that your customers will appreciate. You can still use another Gmail account for other purposes by creating an alias. The paid version allows you to use up to thirty aliases. You will also be able to effortlessly set up security measures to keep your e-mails secure from hackers or data breaches.
Your e-mail content and all information saved on the drive are secured. In recent news, there has been news of other companies violating the privacy of its user’s data and e-mail messages. Google is committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your data safe. If you have any concerns about the safety of your data, check out Google’s promises on how your data is handled in order to ease your mind.

Management Made Easier

Finally, you will able to oversee all user accounts. This is critical for many businesses. For a business to be successful, communication and organization is key. If you desire, you will be able to share work amongst the users in the Drive in order to see how effectively your team manages their time. It will also make it easier for group projects to communicate and complete their work. While you are on the go, you can use the Google Admin App from any mobile device. This handy app allows you see audit logs, manage users, and control your accounts. Multiple admins can be utilized to share managerial duties. If you cannot be near your computer at every minute, the app is a great way to manage your team effectively while on the go.

The Google Apps for Work is designed to make businesses run smoother.


To further demonstrate how Google Apps for Work can benefit your business, let us run through some common situations where the suite of programs will strengthen the productivity of your business.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts - Google Apps For Work
Google Hangouts – Google Apps For Work

If you live in an area prone to inclement weather like snow or excessive flooding, you know the difficulties it can present. You want to keep the business running while tending to the safety of your employees. Google Hangouts can connect you with your employees from home. In a closely related situation, you can use Google Hangouts if the piped burst in the building or any other hazard presented itself which made it extremely difficult to work in the normal business environment. Through the use of Google Hangouts, you can have a meeting with some of your employees, stay productive, and keep everyone from having to drive on unsafe roads. With the Google Apps for Work, you are not limited on time. Up to 15 people can actively participate on these hangouts. You are also able to broadcast the session to as many people as you like, even if only 15 people can participate actively.
In addition, Google Hangouts is not just used for interacting with employees at home. It is also a useful tool for in-house communications. The secure and user-friendly interface allows video and in-app chat style communications. The best part is that your employees can use Google Apps for Work on any computer or mobile device. It is ideal for employees to communicate effectively.

Google Docs and Sheets Improve Productivity and Communication

Google Docs and Sheets will come in the suite package when purchased. To highlight the usefulness of such features, take Microsoft Word and Excel into consideration. They offer similar features as the Google Apps, with one major exception — they do not offer the ability to share amongst multiple users at the same time. Likewise, only one user at a time can edit a single Google Drivesheet or document. With Google, multiple employees working on the same project can see what the other is doing.
For instance, if your business runs multiple websites with multiple teams, it can be hard to manage to maximum effectiveness. (Check out our contract-free SEO services to see how we can help you with that problem). If one team of six employees all handle video uploads, it makes the most sense to have it organized in such a way that no two people are uploading and editing the same videos. It costs the business twice as much for the same work. If your employees all had access to the same Doc or Sheet on the Drive, they would easily be able to determine who is working on what in order to avoid such a costly mistake. This especially comes in handy when your employees are off-site and cannot meet in person daily or weekly to discuss a schedule.

International or Traveling Employees

Some business thrive on dedicated employees who travel often, either selling their products or making deals for the company. As a result, that employee will need to rely heavily on communications to ensure their job is done correctly and efficiently. In the old days, fax machines were the sole means of communicating. Now, employees have tablets, phones, and laptops provided to them through their company. Through Google Apps for Work, a business can keep track of the work their employees are doing while they are traveling. Likewise, an employee can save money on an expensive phone plan by having access to the company’s e-mail system, calendar, and documents.

Employee Absences

Life often gets in the way of things. Bosses and employees alike find themselves prevented from physically getting to work either through family obligations or sickness. It often happens that the absent employee or boss had the only copy of a valuable set data or reports which no one is able to get through their own computer in order to retrieve it. Then someone has to call the preoccupied employee to get the password and log into their computer. It can be a mess, especially when it is crunch time and something is due.

With Google Apps for Work, the network is built in. E-mails, sheets, docs, or slides are all available to whomever on the Drive that you decide to give access to. As the administrator, you will be able to dictate what gets shared and to whom in order to avoid the unpleasantness of digging through someone else’s files.

Offline Work

Possibly one of the best features of Google Apps for Work is that any employee of the company can access the apps without Internet access. Many employees commute to work via the train. If there is something that needs to get finished for a deadline or your employee just wants to get a head start, they can work on a Doc, Sheet, or Slide without having the need of Internet access. It is even great for the traveling employee who is stuck in the airport or on a plane. Once the employee has Internet access, any work they performed will simply update once the connection is made. It is that simple.

Calendar Feature

There are more benefits to Google Apps for Work other than the Google Drive, like the calendar feature. One of the best ways to organize your entire workforce is through the calendar feature. If your employee takes a vacation, they can reference it on the calendar, so that the entire office is informed of their absence. It also makes it easier to schedule clients or meetings for administrative assistants if they know when
Google Calendar their supervisors are vacationing or busy. It streamlines the process of scheduling meetings, as well. Anyone in the office can look at the calendar to determine the absolute best time for a meeting. If you need a calendar for a specific group or project that can be easily set up.

The calendars, like every other Google Apps for Work feature, can be customized to meet your business needs. For instance, if you need three people to attend a meeting, the program allows you to select each person’s calendar. From there, you will be able to overlap the schedules side by side, making finding a time simple and easy. You can also add meetings or appointments to the calendar straight from an e-mail by easily clicking on the date or time when it pops up. You can also join a Google Hangout straight from the calendar function, or set up hourly shifts for your company. The possibilities are endless. If there is a need for organizing your employees or work product in your business, the interactive calendar is likely the solution to all your problems.

Pricing Options

One of the biggest questions that comes up is pricing. Conveniently, there are two pricing options to choose from. First, there is an option for the $5 per month/$50 per year plan. With this option you get several things. You and all your employees get your own e-mail (example: [email protected]). You also get the option to have group e-mails for no extra charge. This plan comes with 30GB of online storage, video and voice calls, and all the great features mentioned above like security and administrative control.

Promo Code IconThe second pricing option is for $10 per month/$100 per year. The biggest difference between the two options is that this plan comes with unlimited online storage. Keep in mind that Google does limit the storage to 1 terabyte per user if less than five users are on the program. If you have need for more online storage, this plan may be better suited to your needs. This pricing plan also comes with other features such as enhanced admin controls. If you have a large business and need more control over the accounts in order to manage it effectively, this might be a solid option for you.

This plan also comes with a handy tool called the Google Vault for eDiscovery. This will provide an extra means of recovering e-mails and documents that were discarded in error. You will also get a feature that archives the e-mails sent from the company after a certain date. This can be changed to fit your needs, and it is a smart way to declutter the inboxes of your employees. Another nice feature will allow you to easily track, monitor, and make reports on content located within your company’s Drive in order to assess productivity and expenditures.

Think of it this way. A cup of coffee is roughly $2.50 a cup. The average person drinks approximately 2 cups per work day on a Monday through Friday schedule. That means that an average coffee-drinking person spends about $1,200 a year on coffee. That is ten times more than the enhanced pricing plan at $100 per year. Plus, with the promo code which will give you 20% off your first year, you are saving money. If all these great pricing options didn’t sway you, Google allows you to try their program for thirty days, free of charge. You can test drive this amazing product if you don’t believe all the benefits it could bring you.

By using Google Apps for Work, your company would be saving time and energy. Your company would be expending a small amount of money in order to maximize profits and productivity levels.

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Still not convinced? Want to give Google Apps for Work a try? Consider using one of our free promo codes. Simply use the chat function to speak with one of our representatives to obtain your code today and inquire further about the product. If you prefer to speak one-on-one with one of our representatives, please feel free to give Internet Marketing Team a call at (480) 999-3080.

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