The Google Apps Control Panel Is Being Redesigned

Google Apps Control PanelBig news for SEO companies Phoenix, Google Apps Administrators and Partners today.

The Google Apps control panel is being redesigned and Google plans to unveil the sleeker interface late next week. In an email sent out to Google Partners Google explains that new customers will see the new interface almost immediately and existing customers will see changes starting mid-May. The updated Google Apps¬†control panel wont be adding any new features but will be customizable, easier to use and offer a more “beautiful admin experience”.

Google has needed to update its control panel for some time, in many cases advanced users have moved to off-site control panels that use Google’s API system like Betterclouds FlashPanel.

Personally I am excited and looking forward to the changes. When we gain access to the new interface we will post updates here on

UPDATE. Google has now posted a video showing off the New Google Apps Admin Panel. We have added the video to this post. The Google Apps Admin Panel redesign was signaficant, if you have and questions regarding the update give us a call at 480-999-3080 or checkout their Google Apps Admin Panel FAQ page here.

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