Google Page Rank Update - Never Again

Google Page Rank Update Is Not Coming

Google Page Rank
Google’s premier algorithm and long term SEO metric. RIP

I recently watched this great Google Hangout with John Mueller. Out of everything contained within the Hangout, the most important tidbit was that Google no longer has plans to update Page Rank in Webmaster tools. SEOs and webmasters have spent a lot of time worrying about Page Rank.

Google Page Rank, often written as PageRank, has been the defining metric for SEO from the beginning. Initially, Page Rank was a vital SEO metric, but over time Google incorporated other algorithms. Despite the changes to Google’s algorithms, Page Rank has continued to be a factor in SERP indexing. Over time Google has updated Page Rank with less and less frequency. Leading to many SEOs who relied on Page Rank to either work from outdated information or playing the guessing game. This has been an ongoing headache for many SEOs, who insist that Google Page Rank is the “be all, end all” metric.

Last year, in 2013, Google updated Page Rank only twice the whole year, in February and December. Since that update last December it had become a mystery when Google was planning to update Page Rank again. The answer, apparently, is never.

A Long Gone Dodo Bird
Is Google Page Rank extinct?

So it turns out that Google Page Rank is going the way of the Dodo.

This news might be discouraging for SEOs who have been relying on Google Page Rank for quite some time, but it might also be quite the relief. SEOs no longer need to play the guessing game with Page Rank, stressing out about whether their actions will have a positive result the next time Page Rank updates. The good news is that there are quality metric systems available that have been providing more accurate data than Google Page Rank has offered for some time.

Moz’s Domain Authority uses their own set of data algorithms intended to correlate with Google’s ranking and indexing of SERPs. Domain Authority has proven to be fairly consistent in it’s accuracy for quite some time now. In addition, Majestic’s Citation Flow and Trust Flow are metric data that have grown in use much faster than Page Rank and Domain Authority for the past two years, since their creation. Citation Flow predicts how influential a URL might be based on the amount of sites that link to it. Trust Flow predicts how trustworthy a page is based on its connection to other trustworthy sites. There’s a bit more complexity to Majestic’s metrics, but that’s a serviceable summary. Majestic’s metrics have proven to be a crucial part of effective SEO strategies.

Fortunately as a result of the decreasing reliability of Page Rank, Internet Marketing Team‘s prepared to help our SEO clients with Page Rank alternatives. We here at Internet Marketing Team have been using Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow for our SEO Domains and SEO Services for quite some time. In fact one of our most popular packages, the DA20+/CF20+/TF20+, guarantees a Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow of 20 or more for each domain. We offered this package because it has consistently beaten out our Page Rank packages.

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