Google Swapping Domain Names for Breadcrumbs

Google SearchApparently Google’s Rolling Out More Big Changes on Mobile Search

Mobile users can expect to see some changes in their Google search engine listings soon. Google recently announced that they’ll be making two big changes to their mobile search engine results: They’ll be switching out domain names for the real-world name of the site and switching out the URL for a breadcrumbs-like format in the results listings. You can see an example or our site showing breadcrumbs in these mobile search results: ManagedAdmin-mobile-breadcrumb-serp

Google claims these two changes will help mobile users better understand the content of the search engine results as well as how the content fits into the website as a whole.

While some website owners are excited about the changes, others are understandably concerned about what these changes could mean for their sites and site visitors. While the changes are minor, they have the potential to cause dramatic differences in traffic and security.

For example, as domain names decrease in importance, sites with keyword-rich domain names may not enjoy the same traffic they once had. Sites with keyword-rich domain names but less keyword-rich site names will likely either need to rethink their site names or suffer dramatically reduced traffic and profit as a result. You can buy high pr domains to choose the best domain or boost your website.

Furthermore, this change may make it easier for spoof sites to steal traffic from the original sources by posing as them in the search engine listings. This is especially problematic for web searchers and businesses as it increases the risk that searchers will click through to phishing sites instead of the original, legitimate sites when looking up their financial or other sensitive information or when making sensitive transactions or exchanges online.

Google MobileWhile some users know to look for secure site icons, others would likely not notice a difference. If they clicked on the wrong site by mistake, it could potentially lead to identity theft or information leaks and cost both them and the other party massive losses in time and money.

As with all Google updates, however, it will be adaptable who survive the changes the best. Site owners whose pages are not already coded to display properly in the new results will want to update their code right away to be prepared for the changes. Instructions for providing your site name and setting up breadcrumbs can be found on Google’s Developer site.

While these changes have already gone into effect, it may be a while until users completely notice the difference. Google is rolling out these results gradually. Furthermore, the site name change will only affect US-based searches for now, while breadcrumbs will be rolling out worldwide.

As to any positive and negative consequences, it’s all pretty much conjecture at this point, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss it. Phoenix SEO agency invites you all to post your thoughts and insights on these changes below.

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