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How Does Google’s Q&A Affect Your Business

This critical new section of your Google My Business (GMB) page could make or break your business, according to Google experts. The Google Q&A section is a new SEO Services feature that has been added along with a host of other options for businesses using GMB.

Google Q&A enhances your Google business profile with questions that you can directly answer and display on your page. Released in August 2017, this new feature makes it easy to address customers while also providing more information to Google about your services and products.

How to Use Google Q&A for Your Business

Whenever a local business shows up in a SERP, Google offers the call-to-action “Ask a question” to the user, who can then type in a question or concern. This question is sent to the business email attached to the profile.
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Businesses and customers can answer these questions, and those answers are displayed on the business profile. This is why it’s best if you pay attention to these questions and always update your profile with correct answers from management or social media employees.

In this example below, customers are asking and answering questions, while others are left unanswered by Papa John’s. This means the company is missing major opportunities to clear up any issues and show that management is focused on customer satisfaction.
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Isn’t it your business profile? Why does Google allow customers to answer on your profile page?

Google still technically owns your business profile and allows customers to add their questions and responses in good faith that it’s accurate. You can certainly flag inappropriate responses to improve Google My Business page, but anyone can leave a response to a question.

Google will notify you when a question has been asked, but it also may notify local guides in the area that there are unanswered questions. It’s best to monitor your profile page and respond to any new questions as they appear.

BUT Owners Do Get Special Labels When Answering

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Can I Input Questions and Answers on My Own Google Business Profile?

Yes! Business owners should preemptively start adding their own questions and responses to common questions to get ahead of confusion. It’s a great way to interact with search queries and show Google that you are actively updating your profile with the latest information.

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