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How Important Are Backlinks for SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex system of techniques that empower websites. SEO Backlinks are an important part of this process because they help domains build authority, which contributes to ranking. This is not the only reason to use backlinks, and the following outlines ways to build a backlinks portfolio and best practices.

What are Backlinks?

The definition of a backlink is a link on a website that directs traffic back to another site. When search engines began, the ranking algorithm used by Google was completely reliant on backlink portfolios. This process was disrupted by black-hat SEO methods like link farms, which are sites that host only links and no content. Over time, search engine algorithms changed and backlinks lost importance. Despite this, they are still an excellent way to build website authority. The more authority a site has, the higher it will rank based on targeted keywords. Backlinks also help visitors to find a website through referrals.
How to Build Backlinks

The reality of backlinks is they are a time-consuming task. There are many ways to get backlinks, which are explained below:

• Directory submission. Submitting a site to directories like FourSquare, Yellow Pages and Yelp will provide potential customers with reviews that help them decide if a business is a good match for their needs. Google My Business allows business owners to list their company names and websites so they are easier to find. The name, address and phone number should be used consistently across directories to avoid confusion and possible poor reviews.

• Blog comments. Visiting influential and authoritative blogs and leaving quality comments is an excellent link-building technique. Leaving a link to the business site brings more traffic, even if the blog has a no-follow link policy. This method of backlinking builds positive relationships and contributes to a stellar reputation. This only works if the comments are relevant for the market or industry. If not, they are considered spam and will be removed by the blog owner.

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• Guest blogging. Contrary to popular belief, guest blogging is still alive and a good way to build backlinks. While this method takes a long time to produce results, it is the best way to receive quality backlinks. Doing research helps business owners find quality blogs that accept guest posts. Much like leaving blog comments, content that is relevant and fits the site’s guidelines has a better chance of being published. While some websites will not consider guest blogging, others will welcome the free content they receive for the price of a backlink.

• Quality content. This is the most important point of all. If a business website does not provide high-quality content, all other backlinking efforts are a waste of time. Site owners should create content they would link to themselves. This keeps content creation in perspective. Another thing to avoid is too many advertisements, popups and other intrusions into the visitor’s reading space. Ensure the site is optimized and loads quickly. Quality content loses value when people cannot see it or interact with it.

Backlinks are a vital part of SEO strategy. Building them requires time, effort, dedication and a great deal of patience. In the end, having a solid backlinks portfolio makes all the hard work worthwhile. A domain has more authority, ranks higher and gains reputation points, all of which contribute to the bottom line. Even when the going is slow, persistence always pays off.

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