How Old Content Can Boost Your SEO

old-contentTeaching Old Content New Tricks

What do you do with all that old content on your site? What about your evergreen assets? Do you leave your evergreen assets alone or do you try to revamp the content?

After publishing, old content becomes forgotten over time. Even the most popular content will eventually fade. The content stays on the site, but does that mean that the content will just be old and forgotten? Is it possible to find a new use or a new investment from old content?

It is possible to make the old new again. You need to know how to make it last. With new content published daily on your site and across the globe, you need to find ways to keep up with the demand. Evergreen assets, revamped websites, and little fine tuning will go far to serve these needs.

Where do you start?

Evaluate Your Content

A careful examination by an experienced eye goes a long way. It helps with finances and return on investment (ROI). Start here. Take a good, long look at your content. It is possible that some old pieces could do with some refinishing. For instance, maybe a topic of an old piece of content is relevant again.

evaluate-your-contentLikewise, there is no sense in keeping content that never connected to your audience. Any irrelevant or unpopular pieces may require you to hit the delete button. Be sure to delete only irrelevant conduct.

If you decide to delete anything, make sure the URL gets re-routed to the main page. It might be a nice idea to direct the visitor to a page with similar titles. It keeps eyes on your site, and the user finds what they are looking for. An error page is cute, but many people find them frustrating.

If you are able to keep visitors on your site or even offer help with the inquiry, you may be able to earn their respect. You may even gain a return customer.

Make Changes

After evaluating what goes and what stays, take a hard look at the content you have. Can you update the content? Was the content popular amongst your viewers when first published?

Updating a page can go a long way. For instance, if a new graphic is taking off online, consider using it on your old content. Make the content look flashier and more visually appealing to customers. It might surprise you how aesthetics can affect the popularity of a piece of content.

making-changesEspecially if your website is old (if it looks like it belongs in the dial-up era), people won’t trust that the website is functional. The website for Space Jam is still running after 20-some years. It is a fun fact to throw around on forums, but this is the exception, not the rule.

The same can is true for content. After you give the content a nice makeover worthy of a spot on primetime television, promote the content again.

Even if the content does not need a fresh coat of paint, re-promotion does a lot. Taking the content to your social media reminds old visitors of a great piece of content and reaches new ones.

Evergreen Assets

Evergreen assets, like the tree that grows all year round, rarely change. These content pieces tend to stay the same over the years. Evergreen assets are about the history of the company, e-mail servers, and any other piece of resource information. This content is more likely to fall stale than a standard article would.

These pieces of content are assets. You should monitor these assets. Besides a good, hard revamping of the content, you can re-promote the content. evergreenThe goal is to keep people engaged on your site instead of leaving. Utilize mailing lists. Reach out to old users and get them interested again with Phoenix SEO.

A nice email about your company’s history on an important anniversary is a great way to get visitors to your site’s history pages. Try promoting your company’s history on social media. Facebook Ads are relatively inexpensive.

For the benefit of old customers, consider changing the way you present the information. The Internet loves infographics. They’re a fun, new way to attract the public’s eye. Make gifs out of your infographics using free or affordable programs. Infographics do well on sites like Pinterest or Tumblr. The images are click-worthy to its users. Instagram and Facebook respond better to short videos.

Once you revamped and re-promoted the old content, you can set it so your content updates periodically. Every few months, your visitors get a reminder of your evergreen assets.

Never Forget Google

When revamping old content, do not assume that you can just make a duplicate of the old content and assume that it will work. You may receive traffic to the content, but know that Google will take notice. In the past, Google punished sites with duplicate content. Google will see it as an attempt to cheat their system.

Instead of republishing the content, re-promote as we said. This is why infographics and videos come in handy. By these techniques, Google thinks you are creating new content. new-content-new-seoAnother way to replay the old content is through a recorded podcast. People can follow the podcasts on their mobile phone. The podcast can direct listeners back to the site for more information.

With hundreds of blogs dedicated to upcycling old materials, you will likely have no trouble attracting people with repurposed content.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Old content is not just for your archives. There are a number of ways to take your evergreen assets and old articles and bring them into the now with Phoenix SEO agency. Remember to take down irrelevant content and redirect visitors to other content on the site.

Find a creative way to re-release old content. Use infographics and take advantage anniversaries. Consider a “throwback” series that re-promotes old content. Your old content still has a purpose. Old content may produce new traffic and money if used the right way. Take some time with your old content and see if you can increase your success.

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