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How to Get More Website Traffic Today

Website traffic is one of the most important measures of whether your business is successful online or not. When your site is able to attract customers and keep visitors browsing your pages, you know that your design and marketing strategy have been successful.

With tools to track web traffic and conversions, you can see important key performance indicators (KPIs) that reveal:

  • If your marketing is successfully getting clicks, traffic, and conversions
  • Insights about your audience and what leads to a purchase or other action
  • Improve your rankings in search engines
  • Generate more leads for your business

It’s important that web design and marketing come together to achieve business goals, so depending on what pages you want to grow, your web traffic will increase based on the right approach.

How to Get Free, Organic Traffic

To improve your rank, it’s important that you have content marketing and Orlando SEO services in place for every day, long-term growth. One thing to keep in mind as you build your content is how it converts for your business.

business contentMost businesses publish content on their own platforms, either through a website or blog. It’s easier to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or HubSpot to create a blog and strategically index content that pertains to your customer’s interests and your business.

Content marketing strategies require the following:


  • Website or blog to publish content
  • Market research on audience, competitors, topics, and keywords
  • Social media channels to share published content
  • Press releases on PRWeb and other news-related media
  • Comment section through Facebook or Disqus to increase sharing and engagement
  • Email marketing subscription to sign up visitors
  • Links to landing pages for conversions
  • Tools for measuring results such as Google Analytics


Create SEO Contnet

In combination with your content, you can use tools to find keywords and questions that your customers are searching in real-time. For example, allows you to search keywords and see what questions are most popular about these topics.

However, keyword research is only one part of SEO. On-page factors like keywords, internal linking, meta tags, external linking, alt text, and image alt attribute all matter.

You also want to make sure that your site scores highly for the mobile check test and page speed insights tool.

Advanced techniques for SEO include schema markup, which makes it easier for crawlers to understand your website and how to rank your content.

Paid Strategies to Get More Website Traffic

The quicker way to get seen in search results and build traffic to your landing pages is through paid advertising campaigns, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search ads.

How to Use Google AdWords for Web Traffic

Any business can set up a Google Ads account and start advertising in results pages. In fact, if you bid on the right keywords, your business will show up first every time.

The key to using Google Adwords successfully is keyword research and enticing ad copy. See this example below:

google ad keywords

When you create a text search ad, you will bid on keywords and key phrases that your customer will search. Your ad will show up in a top position if you have the highest bid, which depends on time of day and popularity of the keyword.

If you bid on highly competitive keywords such as broad match keywords in your industry like “women’s shoes” or “moisturizer cream,” you likely won’t be able to beat out competitors with higher budgets. Instead, you should bid on keyphrases and low-to-mid competitive keywords that are highly relevant to your products or landing pages.

In addition, paid strategies work best when your landing page is built to sell. This means that you may have to spend some budget on developing landing pages that will likely capture conversions.

Benefits of Paid Search Campaigns for Traffic

google business adsYou can easily see what campaigns bring you the most clicks and highest click-through rate, as well as web traffic and bounce rate. You want to keep campaigns that bring visitors who convert or stay on your website longer. Any campaigns or landing pages that have high bounce rates and low clicks aren’t going to help your traffic.

Paid search campaigns put your products and services directly in front of consumers searching for the same keywords. To buy PR domains is the best way to increase your traffic by the thousands in just a few days, but it requires a daily or monthly budget to keep traffic growth.

That’s why content marketing goes hand-in-hand with paid strategies. Even if you pay for traffic at first, you can use content to show customers that you are a trusted authority and have the best tools or products to help with whatever they need. In addition, these keep customers coming back to your website for the best content in the industry if done correctly.

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