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How Video Content Can Strengthen SEO

Google algorithms are constantly changing, and high-quality content gets the best rankings. The link-building tactics of old have been replaced by the power of user experience, especially through the use of video. While video is treated differently than text by Google, it provides a meaningful search engine optimization (SEO) impact.

A good Phoenix SEO Firm boosts a website by video in the following five ways:


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What many do not understand about the YouTube platform is that it acts as a search engine. Google is number one for search, and YouTube, which it also owns, is a close second. When building a YouTube channel, it is best practice to optimize the content to rank well on both, although Google is already biased toward its own video platform. The following three steps will bring optimal results:

• Using keywords in the video title to place it on the first Google search results page

• Writing a video description that is a minimum of 200 words, including keywords

• Creating metadata that provides as much context as possible

Overall, the main goal of SEO is to provide content that is fresh, engaging and relevant. Anything less is a waste of time.

Dwell Time

A photo can capture a moment, but a video tells a complete story that keeps site visitors invested in a business or brand through communicating the mission and core values of a company. This is why the dwell time, or the minutes people stay on a website, is so important. This metric tells Google how your site is perceived and how it should be ranked. In addition, the longer a visitor stays, the more likely it is that person will explore other areas of the website, which increases dwell time even more. Higher dwell time means lower bounce rate as well, making a site even more relevant in the eyes of Google.

Social Shares

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A brand that knows its audience will have the most success with video content and build a solid traffic stream to its website. This leads to social shares, which are not as powerful as quality backlinks, but they do provide connections with influencers and bloggers who can utilize the content on their own sites. Creating videos is often costly, and the following ideas keep an SEO campaign going even when funds are low:

• Reviews and testimonials from customers

• Promos for services and products

• Instructions on how to use services and products

• Frequently asked questions answered in a clever and humorous manner

• A short tour of the facility and offices

• Updates on the daily lives of employees

While video has many possibilities, it is important to stay consistent. Once an audience expects regular content and it is not provided, both traffic and ranking are negatively affected.


While it seems that SEO is a direct method for boosting traffic, its true purpose is increasing on-site conversions. Video content is used to enhance what is already in place and for the following marketing purposes:

• Growing a following on social media

• Promotion of a mailing list

• Answering questions regarding services and products

• Calling on visitors to perform an action

The window of capturing visitor attention is very small. Video is an excellent way to achieve this and keep people engaged on the website. A landing page with a compelling video may not improve a search ranking, but it will help to increase conversions, and that is the most important factor.

Rich Snippets

Google uses rich snippets to provide search users with as much relevant information about a website as possible. With video content, this is a title, a thumbnail image and a short description of the content. People are naturally attracted to beautiful and interesting images, which makes the choice of a thumbnail so important along with a thoughtful description. The use of rich snippets delivers a higher click-through rate.

Video content is a big step toward getting more conversions from site visitors. The experienced staff at Internet Marketing Team is always available to assist with the SEO needs of growing brands and businesses. Call 1-888-518-3718 or visit the website for more information.

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