Jumpstart Your SEO Before You Even Begin

The easiest way to get a jumpstart on your SEO is to plan ahead. Many website creators launch the website first and implement SEO practices later. Will that theory work? Sure, but it will take longer than necessary. If you could achieve SEO success without waiting nearly as long, wouldn’t you go for it?

There are ways to strengthen your SEO before you ever launch an online website. This article will brief you on some techniques that you can implement to boost your SEO success before even start.

One: Use a Website Trailer

Movie producers do not just push out movies without telling anyone. There is no hype or foundation built for movies if you just release it. Use a Website TrailerIf you build it, they will come – right? There are several reasons why it is good to launch a “coming soon” preview on your website.

    1. • More authority = better SEO results. Google likes to judge, like a real person. Think about it. If you are in the market for a good real estate agent or travel agency, would you feel more comfortable with an agency that that just launched or one that has been around for awhile? If you launch some materials as a preview it makes it seem as if your site has been around longer. At least to indexes, it appears as if your site has more authority.
    2. • Build a Base. Encouraging users to come back to your page or teasing them with your product that is about to launch will entice users to come back or sign up for newsletters.
    3. • Find Your Voice. Having a website trailer can allow you time to gage your voice. It allows you time to test certain things out on users before the big launch. If something doesn’t work out, try something different.
    4. • Connect With Your Base. Another reason to offer the preview is to connect with your base. You can offer the users a chance to interact and ask questions about the launch. It encourages them to ask more questions that you might not have thought of, and it will help your users to get excited for the launch.
    5. • Press Interactions. The pre-launch trailer allows the press to interact with you and your team as well. The press will play a role in the success of your brand so make sure that the press information catches the eye and contains the following information:
      • o Branded logos that are easily identifiable with your site
      • o Contact information
      • o Company’s mission statement
      • o Biographies of your staff
      • o FAQ section
      • o Media coverage about your business

*Make sure to update the information regularly to keep the media interested!

Two: Social Media

Social MediaSocial media is the best and by far the easiest way to boost your SEO prior to launching your website. Talking up your brand on platforms like Instagram will help boost your online presence, especially with sneak peek pictures leading up to the launch.

Make sure that your post uses catchy pictures and captions. Hit all the basic social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube if video presentations will fit in with your business.

On your “website trailer” page, include link buttons that will easily link to your social media pages. It encourages users to interact on other platforms, and it will boost your flow of users.

Three: Prepare for the Blogosphere!

When preparing to launch a website, you will undoubtedly have a lot to prepare. You may have even thought of blogging as a part of your business. This is a great idea to help draw in industry users, but did you think of preparing them ahead of time?

Having a stock of least ten, long-form blogs ready to launch with your website is good for business and your SEO. Your page will be judged by Google and indexes for attractiveness. The more solid, related content on your page when you begin, the less you have to worry about building up later.

Blogs can serve as announcements to your users and members of your professional community. Plus, other sites will want to link to your blog if there is solid content there.

optimize help SEOFour: Optimize in Preparation Phase

It is better to create your entire website first with optimization in mind. What does the mean? At a base level, every page on the site should have a reason to be there. Building a site with useless content will not help SEO, nor will it drive users towards the business.

When writing the pages, you want to keep in mind how search engines index sites. They use keywords and links to index attractiveness, among a slew of other signaling factors.

Preparing your site for full optimization with Phoenix SEO company will make it easier for you to rise in SEO rankings. Keep in mind that you might not initially rank. Some search engines take time.

Five: Help Others Help You

A great way to boost your SEO is to look within the online community. If you are looking to run an online makeup blog, look to see if other online makeup blogs will let you write on their blog as a guest.

It is a great way to meet members of your community and build your presence. Plus, the other communities have the opportunity to build their blog content. When you start to build up followers, you can return the favor later.

You can link the blog post to your site and use the link traffic to boost your SEO attractiveness.

Six: Get Your Name Out There

Linking the website trailer Prior to launching your site, make sure to get it listed on online directories. Linking the website trailer on directories makes sure to get your name out there.

Listing on directories with good authority and SEO attractiveness should have a positive impact on your website’s SEO without even launching your website.

Before committing to a price for a directory research it. Like the pages on your website, you should make sure that the directory is highly relevant to the type of business that you are planning to launch a website for.

Seven: Sign Up With the Best

Make sure that you sign up for websites that will boost your online presence such as:


Post-Launch SEO

We at Internet Marketing Team know that pre-launch tactics help a lot to boost future SEO success. SEO attractiveness depends on many factors. You need to focus your attention on continual strategies.

Make sure to routinely review your online presence. One way to do this is to use metrics like Majestic Metrics or Domain Authority to gage your success.

When reviewing metrics on such indexes take a peek at some red flags that suggest a look at your SEO strategies:

      • • A slowdown in the amount of traffic
      • • Changes in ranking of keywords
      • • Other unusual spikes that could indicate errors


The big takeaway is to make sure that your site is filled with relevant, high quality content. You want your business to stand out so make sure that you use striking images and original content that is unique.

Still unsure about SEO? Contact Phoenix SEO agency today to learn more about how you can build your site for SEO success.

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