Majestic SEO Launches A Search Engine

Majestic SEO Launches A Search Engine

When performing SEO for your company, sometimes it would be helpful to know not only which other companies’ websites are ranking the highest in your field or for your keywords, but also how they managed to achieve the Page Rank that they did. While you undoubtedly know the basic SEO strategies, it would be very helpful to know the specifics of how to get your website to rank higher.

While Google keeps its search engine algorithms a closely guarded secret, a new tool has just been released that can help you see not only where your website lies in the search engine results, but also what specific factors are causing your page to be ranked where it is.

The Majestic Search Explorer engine does just that. Unlike Google, which is geared towards helping the general public find the products and information they are looking for, Majestic Search Explorer helps company owners and website developers to see where their webpages rank and why, based on concrete and usable data. This tool allows you to compare your websites against others and to use the knowledge you gain to improve your company’s SEO strategy.

How to Use Majestic for SEO

There are three main ways you can use this search engine tool to benefit your company’s SEO:

1. Check the Search Words and Phrases You Want to Rank For

The easiest way to use Majestic for SEO is to search for the particular keywords or key phrases that you wish to rank for and then see where your website falls in the results. Once you have found your website, look at your site’s current search score and data. You can choose to search by root domain or URL, and you can view the results as data or a chart. Majestic gives you an easy to understand compilation of the types of links your site has.

2. Compare Your Results to Those of Your Competition

Once you have reviewed your data, compare it to the data of your competition. Choose several competing websites and put their URLs in a bucket list with yours by clicking on Majestic’s advanced settings link next to the search explorer box. Now, you can compare a much shorter list of URLs and see exactly why your competition is beating you for each search word or phrase.

3. Find Link Prospects for Your Website

Lastly, Majestic is a great tool for finding link prospects for your website. If you need more links or a greater variety of links, search using a search term and a “site:” command such as “rental cars site:” The resulting list you get will be full of sites that rank high for the keyword you entered and that might be open to displaying your link. This results list makes an excellent list of websites you can contact to inquire about advertising or guest posting.

Majestic Pros and Drawbacks

Majestic Pros:

• Majestic not only tells you how you rank, but it also provides detailed information on why you rank that you can use to help your SEO strategy.

• If you are wanting to look at a large amount of information, you can export the data to a CSV or Excel file for easier viewing.

• While Majestic’s algorithms are not the same as other search engine’s algorithms, increasing your Page Rank on Majestic is likely to lead to your site having an increased Page Rank on other search engines as well. Do not try to game the system, however, or you may wind up having your webpage removed from the search results with Majestic or other search engines.

Majestic Drawbacks:

• Because Majestic is still in its initial stages, it does not yet contain all searches or sites on the web. Majestic is constantly adding more information as people conduct additional searches, however, so if your search does not bring results, check back again in a day or two.

• Majestic only offers the top 1,000 search results. If your page does not rank within the top 1,000, you will need to increase your Page Rank yourself before using Majestic for SEO help.

• Majestic’s search results are not based on as many factors as Google’s results are. If you are doing well in Majestic but not in Google, the problem probably does not have to do with your links, and Majestic will not be able to help you.

While Majestic cannot tell you exactly what you need to do in order to rank well with other search engine sites such as Google, whose algorithms are kept top-secret, Majestic is still a very interesting and useful tool for SEO. Use it to better understand why your website is ranking where it is so you can improve your SEO strategy and marketing plan as a whole.

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