The Importance of Making Your Content Linkable

The use of SEO content strategies and the implementation of properly developed content will attract links to your website.

Many people may be completely unaware of how much planning and strategizing must go into developing SEO, keyword rich content and developing content that is linkable. linkable-contentOne of the first questions should be, what kind of content is more linkable than others? And the following question should be, why? Here we’ll provide some helpful tips on building linkable content, how it impacts Google and what kind of forethought must go into developing a link building strategy that provides trackable results.

Key Facts About Linkable Content

First of all, your content should be link worthy. And have content that others trust enough to promote and share. There are several things that contribute to a link worthy site, such as the following:

  1. People link to sites that:
    • They trust
    • That are reputable
    • That are informative
    • That answers questions
  2. Sites used for research if they provide:
    • Supportive information
    • Facts and statistics
    • The latest news and updates
    • Quotes and citations
  3. It adds value to their current site if:
    • It’s useful information
    • It provides more insight
    • It’s authoritative
    • It contains a list

Collaborations and JV Partnership’s

collaborationYou can use different collaborations and joint venture partnerships to perform various strategies that expose your content and blog posts. Strategically aligning yourself with others who are credible in your industry or have a strong following. These partners provide information on the latest trends, the latest news and updates, quotes and citations from qualified, authoritative individuals and more.

The best approach to take to collaborate with key content developers is to create a list of those who would add value to your current or future content marketing plan.

Some of these opportunities include joint venture partnerships with companies who are already reputable and established within your industry. Referral-based partnerships where you would develop promotional strategies by referring other company’s products or services through promotional links. This would prove to be more mutually beneficial if both companies provided a link to the other to enhance or complement your current product or service. Supportive, complementary or ancillary products or services keeps the links relevant and provides a value-added benefit to your visitors. Develop a plan that reflects how the collaboration or the joint venture partnership could be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Why Some Content is More Linkable than Others

What makes some content more linkable than others is primarily the fact that one company may take the time to come up with a plan and a strategy to be certain that their content is reputable and link worthy, while others do not. Becoming a link worthy company takes time and effort. It also takes a trained SEO to keep you consistent with your company’s mission, purpose, and branding strategy.

great-contentThere are several companies that don’t take time to develop a plan to become link worthy, they just merely draft up content, and post it online. They don’t take the time to see what impact it has on the visitors to their site.

Another area to note is that different companies develop different types of content based on specific uses. For example, some develop how-to content, content to build web traffic, content to increase conversions or content to serve some other purpose. Each of these areas is designed with an intended goal in mind. Extensive planning is required, the same holds true for securing links for your content. It’s far beyond just developing content alone, but you must have a link building strategy and ideally, an expert.

How Your Keyword Rich, Linkable Content Has an Impact on Google

According to Andrey Lipattsev, a Google Search Quality Senior Strategist, Google’s main top two ranking factors are content and links.
That’s because both content and links are associated with each other in a unique way. Their relationship is very symbiotic. Solid content attracts links, and links, in turn, improve the visibility of the content. It also improves the popularity of the content as well.

Even with planning and a solid strategy, not all forms of content are able to attract links.

The Importance of Working With a Skilled SEO

skilled-seoCreating content that is link worthy is not a skill that everyone can pull off. It takes careful planning and forethought by trained professionals to get the maximum results. Even the savviest content developers utilize the services of a skilled SEO specialist. They trust us because they specialize in developing strategies to creating link worthy content. We have an understanding of why people link to certain content on the web in the first place. We develop a customized plan and strategy to make your company’s content the trusted, go-to site for linking.

So the takeaway is that good, quality keyword rich content attract visitors. Many companies want to be associated with content that makes their content verifiable, credible, relevant and up-to-date. This type of content attracts users and it must be promoted in a very strategic, well-thought-out manner.

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