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Reliable Email

GmailWas your company plagued with email outages this past year? If you answered yes you probably aren’t using Gmail for Business. No email system is perfect but last year Google achieved nearly flawless uptime. In an article posted yesterday they said…

“For customers using Google Apps for Business, Education or Government, we offer a 99.9% availability guarantee, with zero scheduled downtime for maintenance. In 2010 and 2011, the actual availability for Gmail was significantly better than this guarantee. This was true again last year. In 2012, Gmail achieved 99.983% availability while at the same time adding dozens of new features. This translates to an average of just over seven minutes of service disruption per month over the last year, and most users experienced no disruption at all.”

Google is big on communicating any issues they might have and end-users can check service status on the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

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