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SEO Tips – Three Ways to Help Your Content Rank When You Don’t Have Many Backlinks

search engine optimizationThe importance of creating backlinks to your site is pretty well accepted by now. Most website developers with any knowledge of SEO know that links to your site from other reputable sites can significantly help your page to rank with Google. In fact, there is an entire industry built around helping people develop backlinks to their sites.

This fact raises an important question: What about sites that do not have many backlinks? Are they still able to rank? The answer is simple: Yes, sites without backlinks can still rank too; it is just more difficult for them to do so.

While the number of backlinks a site has is one very important ranking factor, it is not the only one. Google considers other factors as well. For example, Google also determines if a site is on a reputable host. Google looks at the specific keywords and phrases on a page and how often they show up. Google also tries to determine what the content of the page is actually about.

Furthermore, some links are more important than other links. For example, one link from a very reputable source can help a page significantly more than tens or even hundreds of links from sketchy or spammy sites. Plus, if many people follow that one quality link and spend a significant amount of time on the site, that helps a great deal as well.

Even if your site doesn’t have many backlinks, it is possible to increase your page rank, improve your traffic and boost your sales. Here are three smart ways to do so.

Three Ways to Build Page Rank When You Don’t Have Many Backlinks

1. Create Quality Backlinks

If you don’t have backlinks–get some! Write quality posts that others will naturally want to link to. Network with other professionals and help promote each other’s sites. Join online forums. Submit guest posts. Comment on other blogs.

2. Optimize Your Keyword Usage

If someone searches for a specific long tail keyword and your site is the only one that has it, then your site is going to show up in the search results. Therefore, it is essential that your writing is specific, detailed and written with your target searcher in mind. For example, don’t just write about dogs. Write about “dogs that make great pets for small children.” Avoid keyword stuffing, however, as this can hurt your rank.

3. Work With an Experienced Company

While basic SEO tips and tricks may sound easy, they are a lot more difficult to put into practice effectively than they seem. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to work with a knowledgeable Phoenix SEO company who can help launch your website to success, such as ManagedAdmin.

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