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SERP | Distributing keyword redundancies throughout your website

So I’d like to talk about the latest Whiteboard Friday video on The Moz Blog, you can check it out here . Here Rand explains that Google no longer connecting searches, based on keyword relevance, to exact match or partial match domains. Now I don’t want to rehash the article so if you want to know more about this, I would recommend watching the video. What I’d like to do here is parse out some of the implications of Rand’s explanation on how we’re currently seeing Google match up keyword relevance. One of the implications that Rand mentioned was that people don’t need to worry about cannibalizing keywords. Therefore distributing keyword redundancies throughout your site works like spreading out a wider net which optimizes your SERP. However, this system of brand building tied to keyword association requires a significant amount of content being constantly generated in order for someone to grow and maintain their SERP. While this method of anticipating the users behavior is built off of some measure of customer satisfaction, it gives a significant advantage to big media and large content producers, or as Rand described them “content factories”. It’ll be interesting to see how this continues to develop on Google’s side, but as it stands this generates a bias for larger media organizations can make SEO fairly challenging overall.

The good new is that we already have services, such as SEO Admin, which already provides excellent solutions to this bias dilemma. SEO Admin is an alternate service that we offer for High PR Domain purchasers. The service includes one year of hosting on a unique IP and our support team will build out a website and generate unique content for your domain. Using up-to-date techniques our support team will analyze and develop an SEO strategy, using white hat best practices to ensure quality of service, to build out a website with original content that fits your needs. This service gives you the opportunity to focus on your on-site SEO development for your client’s or money site without having to take on the time and stress of building out and managing your outer SEO flow. SEO Admin is the ideal solution for SEO firms and marketers who manage their own SEO, but don’t have the time to worry about being a “content factory.” This service works great with any of our domain offerings, but is a perfect fit for our most popular SEO Domain package, the DA20+ and CF20+ and TF20+.

We also keep an eye for future SEO trending, so we can avoid being hurt in the future by actions we take today. An example of how this might occur is if we did start cannibalizing keywords as a method to boost your SERP, while this might be functional now it could in the end be a very short-lived strategy. Instead of concerning ourselves with knee-jerk exploits in response to Google’s changes we focus on using methods that don’t burn out our customers or need an emergency stop-measure. In other words, we play the long game while ensuring that we see results for SEO as quickly as possible.

Of course there are some customers who don’t have the ability or time to worry about managing any of the SEO. Using the same sophisticated strategies our team of experienced Phoenix SEO specialists will be able to deliver content like SEO Admin for managing outer SEO flow and while also developing and optimizing the on-site SEO for your businesses website. Our SEO services include content delivery and ensure that your keyword relevancy is tied to your brand.

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