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We at Internet Marketing Team are proud of our client’s SEO success. Their success is our success. One of our top rated skills by our clients is our ability to find and assess high quality domains that will benefit their rankings. By using our services, you do not have to do the time consuming work yourself. We love making our clients successful, so we don’t mind doing the hard work for you. In fact, we love it. By finding you quality domains, we can guarantee that you will be highly rated on the SERPs. We have the experience to get you where your site deserves to be.


We believe that this is key to SEO success. If you have a website that is full of quality content about traveling, it will not do your site any good to link it with domains about funny things that cats do. Search engines evaluate the quality of links, so purchasing bulk backlinks will give you quantity but not necessarily quality. By buying backlinks from certain companies, you run the risk of losing the highest return for your investment.


Internal Hosting

We know a lot about SEO, being a SEO firm ourselves. After gaining considerable experience in the community, we decided to create our own SEO Hosting interface. We believe in hosting domains in clean, safe IPs. IPs should be free of spamming sites that could negatively affect SEO rankings. That is why we only set up neighborhoods that are free of these backlinks that could affect your ranking.

Team Of Professionals

Our team is full of experienced, highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to our clients. We work hard to meet your needs and preferences. We work with the best, so you can trust that we only practice top-quality SEO. Buying backlinks can be used to boost your site, but it often leads to harmful risks if the other sites are not filled with similar, quality content.

Quality SEO Content, No Risky Business

Because Link Building Doesn’t Need to Be Risky or Expensive

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$ 150
Per Website
  • Domain Authority 20 or higher
  • Citation Flow 20 or higher
  • Trust Flow 20 or higher
  • Theme config & royalty free images
  • Hosted on Unique IP's
  • 500+ Words of unique content


$ 250
Per Website
  • Domain Authority 20 or higher
  • Citation Flow 20 or higher
  • Trust Flow 20 or higher
  • Page Rank 3
  • Hosted on Unique IP's
  • 1000+ Words of unique content


$ 400
Per Website
  • Domain Authority 20 or higher
  • Citation Flow 20 or higher
  • Trust Flow 20 or higher
  • Page Rank 4
  • Hosted on Unique IP's
  • 1000+ Words of unique content

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If you want our SEO Admin services for competitive low rates, then all you have to do I fill out the form on this page. Let us know what package you want and the quantity. It is that simple. If you have specific needs or questions about which package is right for you, give us a call at 1-888-518-3718.

If you are new to SEO or just unsure about the concept, backlinks are links that are sold by SEOs or link selling companies. Sites will link to your page. In theory, the more sites that link to your page, the better your ranking. It is not that simple, as backlinks do not always guarantee quality links. Many search engines actually punish sites who are linked with spammy domains by reducing their ranking.

We promise you fast results for your investment. When we first decided to develop SEO Admin services, we took a hard look at how backlinks were bought and sold. We wanted to provide quality SEO domains in bulk without ever sinking to low quality practices that other SEO firms peddle. That is when we started to develop techniques that provided better results without any risk to our clients. Do you want a better rank? SEO Admin can get you there. Not only do we use our proven methods to provide our clients with better rankings, we also provide friendly and fast service. What could be better than that?

PageRank, as we know it, is no more. After years of stagnated updates to the Google Toolbar, Google finally announced that PageRank’s ratings will no longer be available to the public. That means that SEO firms can no longer promise exact numbers. Do not worry! We believe that PageRank was not the best metrics to determine a site’s rankings, anyway. Instead, we firmly believe that Majestic’s Metrics (Citation Flow and Trust Flow) and Moz’s Domain Authority are far better systems for analyzing effective and top quality SEO.


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Why Internet Marketing Team?

Internet Marketing Team is a company full of professionals. We pride ourselves on using only top quality SEO practices. Some companies will sell you backlinks without regard for the costs to your SEO. Others will sell you a product that is slow to produce results. Meanwhile, you could be waiting months for your investment to be fully realized. At Internet Marketing Team, we promise a high return on investment. We want our clients to succeed, and that means competitively priced products that produce maximum results for the money invested.


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