The Impact of AI-Generated Content and SEO

With the evolving artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, AI-generated content has gained worldwide popularity in recent times, especially after OpenAI introduced an AI program for writing content, known as the ChatGPT. Many businesses are now wondering whether writing amazing SEO content is possible through AI.

At hand, AI-generated content is the SEO blogs, articles, marketing materials, and all of the product description content written entirely by a machine. When you input critical information like keywords, topics, and phrases, the AI content creator can provide the entire content within a few minutes or seconds in some cases.

Although it can speed up your writing process, is AI-generated content worthwhile for your business? Let’s keep reading to understand this hot topic in more detail.


Why is Writing Amazing SEO Content So Important?

All of the SEO hacks begin and end with effective and quality content writing. Even in today’s world, writing amazing SEO content is deemed extremely important for brands that want to leverage the benefits of search engine optimization. Since SEO is about content marketing, you can’t benefit from having quality content.

Here are a few reasons why professionals like our Gilbert SEO services always suggest creating quality content:


  • Brands can easily obtain social validation through quality content because when you read well-written content coupled with a product that stands on its own, it helps validate the brand, resulting in more sales and conversations. This can lead to other potential buyers through your customer’s social media connections.
  • You can get high-quality backlinks when you have up-to-date and high-quality content that provides detailed insight to the audience. Backlinks play an important role in SEO but where you get your backlinks from matter, you do not want low-quality sites but rather sites with authority.
  • Google needs content for ranking your website or ranking individual links. Without content, search bots will not be able to understand what your website is about. Further, it is also critical when considering backlinks not to send your readers to your competitor’s site, so make sure you don’t hurt yourself.
  • By writing great content, you can increase the chances of being shared on social media and it can further benefit your business as we mentioned above. When someone loves a product or service they just purchased, they are more than willing to share it on social media.


Our Gilbert SEO services are always at the forefront of writing compelling web content and have the experience required to get you high-quality backlinks.


Why AI-Generated Content Can’t Truly Help in  SEO?

Although search engine never penalizes any AI-generated content, it’s continuously helpful, and high-quality content written; however, lacks a human touch. AI-generated content may lack in quality because it won’t be able to provide you the human touch that Google or other search engine bots are looking for.

Here are some other reasons why professionals like Gilbert SEO experts suggest not to solely rely on AI-generated content:


Content Could Be Plagiarized

Since AI typically relies on algorithms and data for content creation, the human touch and intended tone will be lost in the content. It can certainly cover some basic areas of the content but the gray areas from where your audience can truly benefit will be missing from the content.

SEO may also flag your content as it will find a lot of similarities to all the published materials. It’s because AI pulls the data from all the published materials and then provides you with a basic copy. As a result, your website will consistently get devalued due to plagiarized and poor-quality content.


Lack of Personalization

Every brand is different and so isn’t your audience. You can’t create general content for all types of audiences. However, AI doesn’t understand personalization based on your target audience demographic and personal interest. As a result, you’ll never be able to connect with your audience.

When people don’t feel connected, they won’t share your content. Therefore, you will be missing out on the opportunities for social media sharing. This is another reason why SEO-managed services always prefer creating content by someone who understands your audience’s intent.


A Lot of Editing Required

Even though you generate content through AI, you can’t solely rely on it. There will be a lot of human edits required after the content is generated. This increases the overall time of the process as well as the cost.

Moreover, people want content that has a human touch so that they can feel more connected to the brand. These are a few reasons why relying solely on AI-generated content isn’t a wise idea in today’s time.


How Can I Get Amazing SEO Content?

If you truly want to make your brand stand out, it’s important to partner with an expert like our  Gilbert SEO Services to help you get quality content without brainstorming for hours. This is the reason why the Internet Marketing Team is your trusted Gilbert SEO service provider but we also offer SEO services to anyone who wants our help.

From helping you with amazing SEO content to providing all of the essential SEO-managed services to rank your website on top of search result pages, we are your one-stop-shop for everything SEO. To know more about our services and charges, contact us today and see why everyone loves the Internet Marketing Team.

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