The Value of Professional SEO Services

Why You Should Leave SEO to the Professionals.

If you’ve done any amount of research into search engine optimization (SEO), you have seen the “DIY SEO” workclaims. SEO is something anyone could do, but that does not mean everyone can do it.

The field is always changing. Relying on old SEO knowledge is not a good idea. Likewise, it is not a good idea to go it alone. Running a business is hard work. Leave the hard SEO work to the professionals who love what they do.

Not convinced? Here are important reasons why SEO and SEO professionals are vital to business success.

Investment Not Cost

When people see price tags on SEO services, they tend to pause. They see it as a cost. Costs are up for the chopping block when budgets come around. Investments are more likely to stay.

Do not think of SEO as a cost. Think of it as an investment. Sometimes, the cost is necessary. Choose to spend money in the right places. In recent years, the revenue from Internet sales has grown. It is almost laughable not to spend some money on boosting your Internet presence.

invest-in-your-brandBest Way to Sell Your Brand

Unveiling a new product? Looking to build a fledgling brand? The answers to these questions lie in SEO. You cannot hope to sell a brand through the quality of content alone.
Quality content is the foundation of a good brand. There is no denying that. The problem is that quality content has a limit if a brand cannot reach new people on different platforms. There is a finite number of hours in the day. Without outsourcing an SEO strategy, you cannot hope to maximize growth all while running a business.

You can start a brand on your own. Where do you plan to take the brand? Are you comfortable with where it is, or do want it to soar? The only way to make it soar is to tap into the potential of its SEO. Otherwise, your brand will sit in mediocrity limbo.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is not complete without Phoenix SEO services. In the Mad Men days, you could devote all your time to television or magazine spots. Now, you have to rearrange the budget. You need to spend more on the Internet and less on print. Why? The Internet is where most of your traffic comes from.

internet-marketingYou also need to recognize the value of diversity. When it comes to your return on investment (ROI), it is better to diversify. It is business school 101. Diversity in investments (and marketing) is imperative. Putting all your chips into one investment is risky. If the investment falls through or is not profitable, you’ve wasted your investment.

For marketing, your strategy should be the same. Recognize that every business is different. Before putting all your chips into SEO, consider print options. Perhaps 70% goes into SEO and 30% goes to print. Your budget needs to reflect your business. The only way to know how much your business should spend on SEO is to have a professional assess your business.

Better SEO = Better ROI

Spend your money wisely. That is what our parents tell us as children. “Do not spend your allowance on the first shiny toy you find!” Sound familiar? Budgeting is, therefore, a necessity. If you want a better return on your investment money and effort, you need a sound SEO strategy.

SEO is An Important Component – Not An Add-on

Do not think of SEO as a vestigial organ, waiting for someone to excise it out of a budget. SEO is not a cherry on top. grow-your-businessIt is an important component. If you think of SEO as an add-on, you are not likely placing enough importance or time on SEO.

If you devote attention to it, it will help the business grow. Most people cannot devote enough time. That is where an SEO professional comes in.

Enhance Your Social Media Potential

What business doesn’t have a social media presence? Social media is the backbone of a fledgling business and long-time companies. SEO is not just for websites and search engines. Companies should be utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The more eyes on your product, the better the sales. How do you decide which platform is right for your business? You need SEO.


The greatest thing about SEO professionals is their flexibility. There is not a one-six-fits-all for SEO. The details of your business make all the difference. For instance, your business may be in an overcrowded niche. A simple rehash of keywords will have little effect on your SEO progress.

What you need is a professional. Someone who will take a fine tooth comb over your business and online presence. They will look at how your visitors interact with your website. Professionals will review how visitors use search engines to find your page.

demographicsIf you are looking to break into a new demographic, they can help. Online is like print in many ways. If you want young visitors, you take your marketing to magazines geared towards the young crowd. Online marketing is not that as simple as that. You can market on social media platforms, but it will have little effect without knowledge of proper SEO practices. A simple posting may not be enough. What matters is how you post it. This is where an SEO professional is key.

Brand Builder

After you form your business, your attention will turn to growth. How do you build a business? Where do you start? Some businesses flounder around for awhile to see what sticks. This is why most small businesses fail. Trudging ahead blind is adventurous, but it is not always a sound business strategy.

SEO is a great way to start from nothing. For online-only businesses, you will want to gather a following. Once you’ve finessed your ideal audience, it is time to target them. Focus on what they want.

Do they want uplifting Instagram posts? Edgy photography shots? Maybe you should start with Instagram. Without an SEO guide, you’re left to guess. You can only wade around and try Instagram or Facebook. Maybe you will have success with a grassroots effort. To optimize your optimization experience, it is best to look for a professional. After all, Phoenix SEO is an investment in your company’s success. Why wouldn’t you trust a professional for your investment?

Off-site Sales

off-site-salesIf your company has a storefront, online marketing is key. Not everyone wants to shop online. They want to see the outfit before they buy it.

For instance, your shop sells a unique gown. No one else has a similar dress. A shopper has something like your dress in mind, but their search turns up nothing. A business without a successful SEO campaign never reaches that customer. That customer settles for another dress.

With an online presence, that dress reaches the young customer. She sees the dress on Facebook or Instagram. She drives out her way to get it. Then she shares a picture of the dress online to her hundreds of followers. Your shop is more visible than ever. All it took was the right SEO maneuvers.

Online presence means more online and in-store sales.

No More Missed Advertising Opportunities

Last, but certainly not least, is more advertising opportunities. Without knowing how to optimize your business, you will miss opportunities. That is a hard fact. SEO does not just provide guidance and strategy. It provides opportunities.

For instance, a company just launched a monthly subscription box service. They want to reach people. A new social media platform allows businesses to advertise. The company is not up to date on the newest app. They miss out because they are busy running the business.

A new slang phrase is popping up on search engines. Your company could use the phrase in a new online campaign for your product. You do not hear about it until it is borderline uncool. If you use the phrase, young visitors will think that it is lame. The older crowd does not understand it. You miss out.

SEO professionals are constant learners. There is never a stopping point for them. They use research and common trends to find what works best for their clients. Do not miss out on search engine optimization.

At Internet Marketing Team, we do not stop learning. We do not stop following industry trends. If we miss out, our clients miss out, so we make sure that never happens.

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