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All businesses on the internet certainly need to keep track of their Search Engine Ranking. The hard decision for them is which rank tracking option will best meet their needs. Unfortunately, there are far too many options to choose. Which have loads of integrations, which have none. Which are trustworthy, which are not.

SEO-Reports-SharingOf the options to choose from, there are two types of services. One type you may consider is web-based and another type is software-based. Although the software-based type provides full control over your data, it may be complex to use by offering a number of options and integrations that you do not need.

An example of a software package is Advanced Web Ranking, AWR. When a business needs an in-depth analysis, AWR might be a good choice offering rankings, analytics, links and competitive analysis. AWR is best suited for SEOs and Phoenix SEO agency marketing that are looking to track multiple SEO campaigns since their solutions are so robust, in fact it’s one of the tools we use ourselves. For rank checking reports, Authority Labs is a web-based tool that is extremely powerful and delightfully easy to use.

Authority Labs SEO

If you are looking for a SEO monitoring tool that is scalable and also allows for the tracking of all your business websites at an affordable price, Authority Labs SEO will definitely fill the bill. They are most likely best suited to small businesses and individuals who wish to track their own SEO campaigns. Being instantly accessible through any web browser, Authority Labs SEO will be found by SEO professionals to be both a flexible and useful tool. Whether you are a small-scale entrepreneur or a large-scale SEO business, they strive to meet the needs of everyone.

authlabslogoIf you believe as the famous expression says, “It is better to do one thing and do it well,” Authority Labs SEO is for you since they do exactly that. They stick to just monitoring. Over a range of domains, they track keywords is without adding to a business’s allowed keywords. In this way, you can track your SEO campaign as well as your competitors’ with a most cost effective approach. Updating of results across all the main search engines and their variations is done daily with Authority Labs. This provides all-inclusive web reports that include highly detailed data.

Authority Labs SEO offers a number of features to help an SEO business manage clients. Their features include:

  • A web-based SEO monitoring tool that is well designed
  • Your site’s SEO overview instantly available
  • The tracking of ranking across many search engines and their variations
  • The tracking of keywords across many domains and staying below the number allowed
  • Ability to access data anywhere and without installation
  • User accounts that are unlimited and that do not require extra licenses
  • The tracking of your competition to determine how successful they are compared to your business
  • Custom URL and email templates with full white label functionality.
  • The exporting of data in order for it to be used in other applications
  • Google AdWords integration for data that is accurate
  • The managing of what clients are able to see through the controlling of user permissions
  • Compatibility with most web browsers

Authority Lab SEO offers a “Pro” level plan that allows the customizing of everything to include the branding of reports to an URL that provides the application access. You can also create as many user accounts that you want and you can also control the application parts each user will see. In other words, each of your client’s data can be separated allowing them to see only the data they need to see. This is why Authority Labs SEO is a valuable tool for your Phoenix SEO.

If you wish to test the features of Authority Labs in order to see if their tool is what you need for your business, they offer a 30 day trial with a money back guarantee of all their plans. To sign up will only take a few minutes and will give you full access to their web-based tool set. You will find that their accessibility loads quickly and their controls are easy to navigate and uncluttered. They offer an excellent SEO tool even if it doesn’t meet all of a business’s needs.

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