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Most businesses these days are utilizing at least one form of internet marketing, if not more. Using a combination of technology and creativity we promote your brand, business, or product through online media, sales, and social channels. There's no one-size-fits-all approach - we tailor your digital marketing campaign to fit your needs.

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We develop a comprehensive strategy for your company. Designed to offer a positive user experience based on behavioral fundamentals and years of experience and thorough research.

Traditional SEO Pricing Plans


$499 Per Month
No Contracts
Return on Investment Planning
Low Competition Keyword Planning
Original Articles & Safe Linking
SEO & Website Optimization
Daily SEO Service Reports


$999 Per Month
No Contracts
Return on Investment Planning
Competitive/Local Keyword Targeting
Original Articles & Safe Linking
SEO & Website Optimization
Daily SEO Services Reports


$1499 Per Month
No Contracts
Return on Investment Planning
National/Tailored Keyword Targeting
Original Articles & Safe Linking
SEO & Website Optimization
Monthly SEO Services Reports

Traditional SEO Pricing Plans

Featured Services

search engine optimization


What does that mean? That is a fancy term for what we do. We get your website to #1 on Google in as little as three months.

reputation management

Reputation Management

Your customers know you as who you are in the digital world. We help you build a flawless reputation online.


Website Design

Our website design enhance our clients internet marketing strategy. Allowing you to build a community around your brand.


Internet Marketing

Reach your customers is important. We can help the right people find you.

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Search Engine Optimization

What does it mean? It's a fancy term for what we do. We get your website to #1 on Google in as little as three months.

How do we do that? We're a team of experts who work tirelessly to get your website to where it deserves to be. It’s a mix of math, expertise, and a little bit of magic.

We also manage and host SEO domains. We do the work for you. What could be better than optimal results with little effort on your part?

Reputation Protection

First impressions matter. When people search for you on Google is your site making the best impression?

A single negative article, a bad review, or a poorly timed photograph can lead to missed opportunities. We've worked with high net-worth individuals, professionals, and businesses to clean up their digital reputation.

Let our team fix your Google search results and online reputation so you can start enjoying the benefits of a spotless internet profile.

reputation management
website design

Responsive Web Design

A well designed website is the most cost-effective advertising for your business. The appearance and functionality of your site affects your customer’s perception.

IMT offers comprehensive web design, including web and WordPress web design. As a result your site will offer seamless functionality for customers and higher productivity for your employees and you.


Our customers report an average of 80% increase in organic traffic

We are better than your cellphone!

You buy this super awesome piece of technology, but you're stuck in a two-year commitment. At Internet Marketing Team, you get all the benefits of cutting edge technology and dedicated experts without the hassle of the commitment.

If you don’t love our services, you can leave at any time. It’s that simple!

Customer satisfaction makes us happy and drives our experts to succeed. That is why we work so hard for you.

Our History

Internet Marketing Team

Internet Marketing Team Founded in 2012 by two members of the same trusted Managed Admin staff. Following a successful nine-year period at, founders Jon Grant and Jared Sherwood took their expertise, drive, and passion for clients to start Internet Marketing Team.

The now established Phoenix-based company is privately held with a relatively small number of employees. As a small marketing firm, we have just enough people to handle your every need, but not too much that we forget about our clients. Our clients matter most to our growing success ever since we opened. In Arizona alone, we are Google Apps for Work’s number one partner.

We don't waste our partnerships or time on matters that won't provide our customers with optimal success. Our goal is for optimal return on investment for our clients.

Our team is Special

Many companies boast that their team is the best, but ours really is incredible. Don't just take our word for it. Most reviews focus on our gifted and extremely knowledgeable team. Located conveniently in the Phoenix metro area (Gilbert, Arizona), we happily serve the United States from the United States.

You can trust your company’s success and reputation with us. We want our clients to have the best, most reliable service possible. When you message or call a representative, you speak directly with our team in the United States.

Unlike other marketers, you never have to worry about your information falling into the hands of someone that you can't trust.

Not Optimized? You're Losing Money.

Taking steps to ensure that your website is search engine optimized will actually earn you money. Yes, you read that correctly! Besides our promise for a high return on investment, we know that having an SEO company on your side is key to making a successful internet marketing campaign.

Sites with low traffic or even sites with poor trust values won't show on the first page of search results. Users typically don't even look past the first few results, and hardly any will click to the second page. Those clicks on your page are money in your pocket. Getting lost on the second page or farther down the first page is money lost. Spending money on a strong SEO plan is worth the money, and we can help!

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