5 SEO Myths You Should Ignore in 2019

Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing, and it is easy to be confused and misinformed. Rumors that start regarding SEO often evolve into myths that seem very credible but have no basis in truth. The following outlines five common SEO myths and ways to avoid them for a better ranking.

Only Popular Sites Receive Google Traffic

This is the most persistent myth about SEO, and it is the least accurate. While it is true that Google will award a higher ranking to authoritative sites, it does not mean that no one else can rank highly as well. If it were true that only popular sites get Google traffic, why do new blogs grab large amounts of traffic and rank well right away? It is because they utilize specific keywords instead of focusing on common phrases. This makes their sites attractive and competitive. Finding sites and blogs that use longtail keywords is an effective strategy that webmasters can put to work for themselves. Everyone on the web has an equal chance at Google traffic. There is no favoritism when SEO is done right.

Google Keeps Changing Things and Making SEO Difficult

Google does change its algorithms frequently, and this is a good thing. It raises the bar and pushes the best content to the top of the rankings. When SEO is done the right way, any changes that Google makes should not have an adverse affect on a website. Keyword stuffing and low-quality link building are no longer effective ranking strategies. Proper and clean SEO starts with one or two focus keywords on each page or in each blog post. Fresh, high-quality and relevant content is what wins the Google game. In reality, SEO is not difficult, especially with expert help from an experienced SEO agency.

Keywords No Longer Have Value

It used to be that using excessive amounts of keywords would get Google’s attention. The idea was to give the search engine an idea of what a website or blog post was about. This is no longer a good strategy because Google is now more focused on human beings than it is on bots. This led to the belief that keywords no longer have any value. This is not true because search engines cannot obtain meaning about a website without keywords. What has changed from years past is not the keywords themselves but how they are used. Rather than stuffing them everywhere, they must be placed in key areas within the content, namely the first paragraph, headings and subheadings. Using focus keywords within the page title, meta descriptions and URLs is also very effective. Keywords do still matter. It is all in how they are used.

Guest Blogging is Not Effective

While it is true that guest blogging is not a shortcut to Google success, it is still relevant. Writing clean, informed posts about various topics on quality blogs and websites is an excellent way to boost ranking. Many highly indexed sites invite experts and business leaders to guest blog. When this is done the right way, it is a win for everyone involved. Guest blogging is still alive and well, and it is often utilized to build a personal reputation. Do not be afraid to try it.

Google Will Find My Blog Posts Without Help

A popular blog will receive a good ranking, especially if it has been publishing for many years. For everyone else, this will not happen without effort. Webmasters must work to get the attention of search engines. Google Search Console is one of the best ways to get started and get connected. Doing so will let Google know what a website is about and what is being done with it. The most important feature of the console is the ability to keep Google informed about every page and every blog post that is created. The dashboard provides vital information about the health of a site, reporting crawl errors, blocking robot files and other problems. After setup and verification of domain ownership, the webmaster should submit an XML sitemap. A sitemap updates automatically when new content is added, letting Google know it is time to crawl the site again. Fresh content is one key to a better ranking. Google will not discover content by itself. Webmasters must be proactive at all times to be successful with Google.

Learning how to do SEO the right way is often tricky in an age of constantly changing algorithms and pressure for quality content. The experienced professionals at Internet Marketing Team are always standing by to help webmasters navigate through keywords, metadata and sitemaps. Call 1-888-518-3718 for more information, and make 2019 the year to win Google.

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