7 Ways to Increase Your Website Ranking on Google

7 Ways to Increase Your Website Ranking on Google

Organic search traffic is important for every website owner. With organic search traffic, a business can attain its objectives without investing heavily in advertisements. While there are many benefits of advertising on Google Ads, it is still important for a website to rank high with free traffic.

For high rank on Google, there are many steps that can be taken. From content optimization, to search engine hacks, there are endless options to push a website to the top page of Google. Google offers specific guidelines that reveal the ranking criteria. By following the guidelines, any website can find space on the first page of Google.

To learn more about Google keyword ranking, how to get web traffic, how it can be achieved, and how beneficial it is to a website, keep on reading.

How Do I Increase My Visibility on Google?


Ahrefs - Google Rank Checker Tool
Ahrefs – Google Keyword Rank Checker Tool

To increase website visibility and ranking, it is important to first check website ranking on Google.


Using a Website rank checker, determine the position of the website in question to find out the best way forward. Check the position of the website based on the Google keyword ranking.

Once the rank is established determine the viability of using Google Ads Marketing for the specified keyword. Finally, implement the following techniques to rank the website on Google for organic search results.

Here are seven ways to increase Google ranking:

1. How to Rank Your Article in Google


Google My Business example
Google My Business example

Articles are the most popular type of website content. If used right, articles can be instrumental in improving the ranking of a website. For an article to rank high, it must utilize relevant keywords. The title and meta descriptions must also contain primary and secondary keywords.


The use of keywords will eliminate the need for Google Ads Marketing since organic Google keyword ranking provides the necessary traffic.

2. How to Improve Google Search Results For my Business

The best way to optimize your website for google search is to list it for local Google business listing. Create a Google business account and add the address for the business for it to rank top in local business searches. This way, the business website will be top on the Website rank checker.

3. How to Increase Google Ranking for Free


Google ads example
Google ads example

Ranking a website for free is all about the steps taken to improve the performance of the website. One of the key features that Google uses is user satisfaction. To rank, create a highly responsive website with relevant content to reduce bounce rates.


4. Does Website Traffic Increase Google Ranking

Increased traffic with low bounce rates means that the website offers a good user experience. Google looks at the length of sessions to see if the website is relevant and increases its ranking. Further, one of the benefits of advertising on Google ads is that the traffic improves the overall ranking of the website.

5. How to use Links for Google Ranking

The other technique that is used to improve Google ranking is backlinks. Google ranks websites that link to authority sites higher. To avoid paying heavily for Google Ads Marketing, it’s important to have functional links. Use the Google removal tool to eliminate any broken links since such reduces a website’s rank.

6. How to use Images for Ranking on Google

Google Images search
Videos and images are also used to rank websites. Quality content must contain images and videos indexed with alt text, including relevant keywords. This guarantees google keyword ranking for the site in question.

Videos are vital since Google indexes videos and images separately from articles and other types of content. It is also to have alt text alongside the video and images so that those who search for those keywords get the content.

7. How to Use Google Research Against Competition

Competitors are vital for the success of a business. Keep a close eye on competitors, the keywords they use, the content they promote among others. Using the Google website rank checker, determine competitor’s rank and keywords they use.

With the Google removal tool, remove any content that promotes competitors and post content that promotes your brand. Monitoring competitor ranking also helps keep check of the trends in the industry.

Getting Your Website to the Top of Google

While there are so many benefits of advertising on Google Ads, organic traffic is also very vital for a website. Organic traffic improves the overall results of Google Ads Marketing and lowers the cost of marketing. Businesses that utilize organic search do not have to invest heavily in ads.

At the Internet Marketing Team, we know what it takes to rank a website on the first page of Google. There are so many technicalities involved that an ordinary website owner may not handle. Our professional team can take over and offer you the desired results. Just contact us by filling the form and we will get back to you.

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