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Internet Marketing Team is an internet marketing firm founded in October of 2012. As a company focused on growing ROI for small businesses we offer SEO services without a contract. We believe that offering quality results will keep our clients committed. We also offer a range of products and services for companies that manage some or all their organization's marketing. Our offerings include: Google Apps for Work, SEO Domains, SEO Admin, and SEO Hosting.




Jon enjoys yoga, snowboarding, Washington wines and spending time with his beautiful daughters Stella and Sloan. At Internet Marketing Team he helps our clients connect with the best solutions fit specifically to their needs. Specializing in advanced hosted software configurations for Google Apps, SEO Hosting and SEO domain purchasing he is always looking for a challenge.




Jared has had a lifelong passion for art and technology. He has spent the past 15 years trying to bridge the gap between the two. He spends his work day taking care of the important things for Internet Marketing Team. You know, like making sure the company kegerator is full and that everyone is keeping up with their weekly yoga requirements. He also spends a lot of time thinking of ways to help Internet Marketing Team's customers get more customers.



Senior Account Manager

George is the Senior Account Manager at Internet Marketing Team. His responsibilities include assisting customers to reach their long-term search ranking goals and advising on day to day account needs.

Before working at Internet Marketing Team George was an Executive Accounts Manager with the largest Domain and Hosting provider in the world with a core focus on consulting to drive client assets and portfolios.

George spent his 2 years, before Internet Marketing Team, living in Madrid, Spain and Portland, Oregon traveling to many cities and climbing many mountains in search of waterfalls. His hobbies include traveling and snowboard.



Creative Content Manager

Wil is our Creative Content Manager here at Internet Marketing Team. Why does our creative content need to be managed? Well if you let it sit on the shelf too long it becomes highly unstable and could blow up the entire office at the slightest bump. After setting aside the best content for our customers he expertly dispatches the unworthy content with specially designed Castillian steel golf clubs.

Not wanting to be a simple writer, Wil honed his creative talents by writing copy and prose under a waterfall in a remote monastery hidden in the Himalayas. He then sharpened his marketing skills with a clan of ninjitsu masters. Only proving his worth and accomplishment by defeating a cyber-panda, unarmed.

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