How to Adjust to Major Google Algorithm Updates

Having an SEO strategy that complies with Google’s algorithms is crucial for maintaining success with your website. It seems that the second you get your SEO strategy ready and in place, Google adjusts one of their algorithms.

dont-panic-buttonIt is easy to feel overwhelmed when a major change is made. However, a major change does not necessarily mean you need to restart your SEO strategy completely. Not every change applies to your SEO strategy, shifting your focus each time there’s an update is harmful and counterproductive.

Instead, you will want to approach each algorithm change with a clear and open mind.

Stay Calm

When you hear about a major change, it is natural to feel your head spinning. After investing so much time, you might feel like all those hours were wasted.

Working yourself up into a panic is only going to hurt you. When you don’t know if changes are necessary, there is no use worrying about what future work you will need to do.

When you’re too stressed or fearful about what the future brings, you become less productive. Your website or company may suffer because of these distractions.

Instead, sit back and wait for the change to come. Focus on other projects that you need to get out of the way. Then you can make changes to your SEO when appropriate.

Avoid Knee-jerk Responses

After hearing the news of an algorithm update, you may be tempted to throw your strategy in the trash and start all over again. While this may end up being necessary, there is a good chance your original strategy is not affected by the new update.

patienceWhen Google makes an update to the algorithms, it does so to reduce spammy websites from reaching the top. These changes help to provide better results for Google searches. However, not all businesses are able to stay on top of best SEO practices.

Google claims they consider how their algorithm adjustments could hurt businesses. Their changes often involve small tweaks or changes that help weed out websites that are not providing quality information while helping to boost those that are at the same time. If you are already creating a strong SEO strategy, you may not need to make changes.

The websites that feel the effects of an algorithm switch are usually the ones who weren’t doing SEO correctly in the first place. The pages that slip the furthest in results are those that use deceitful practices like keyword stuffing and non-credible backlinks.

Don’t try to get ahead of the algorithm by making changes. Instead, you will want to wait around until you see how the changes to the algorithm affect your page. If you end up not needing to make changes, you haven’t wasted any time. If you do need to make an adjustment or two, you’ll have a better idea of where to focus your energy.

Keep in mind that the changes may not have an immediate effect on your website. Give it some time before you make a decision to change your strategy or not.

Do Your Research

After the algorithm changes have been made and the experts have gotten a feel for how this changes a search, you’ll want to do your research to see what changes you may want to make.

When doing your research, remember to look at credible websites and resources.

One of the best resources for you is the Google Webmaster Blog. Google’s space to address changes and shifts, seriously assess any information learned from the Google Webmaster Blog.

However, Google does not always choose to address their algorithm changes. Select a few trusted Phoenix SEO experts who can provide you with insights and more information. Pay attention to what experts are saying, what changes have been made, and what they are suggesting you do to improve upon your SEO strategy.

With the right research, you’ll know just what areas of your SEO strategy to focus on shifting.

Understanding the Purpose of Change

The changes that Google makes aim at solving a problem for search users. There is a reason behind each algorithm adjustment that Google makes. While you may feel as if that reason is to damage your website’s ranking, the search engine just wants to provide the best results and content to searchers.

change-aheadIf you want to maintain a strong search position after an algorithm shift, you need to understand the problem the change solves. Ask yourself, “How does this change provide a better experience to users?” Then, create a strategy around the solution.

Create a strong SEO strategy, the stronger the strategy the less you’ll have to change when the algorithm updates are made. If you are doing SEO correctly each and every time, the algorithm changes will only mean small adjustments or shifts in strategy.

For help creating an SEO strategy that can withstand algorithm changes, consider hiring an SEO professional like the experts at Internet Marketing Team. If you get help laying a solid foundation for your SEO strategy, you will have fewer changes in the future.

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