Benefits of WordPress for SEO

CMS-solutions-bwWordPress is a content management system solution. Think of it as a tool for your website. Like any useful tool, you should only use something that is well-maintained and designed to fit all your needs. A website is only as good as the tools used to create it.

The point of SEO is to strengthen a website’s visibility online. It is hard to achieve those optimization goals without proper organization. You could slap as many links or keywords on a page that you want, but it might not be of any use. If the website looks like a cyclone ran through it, your business will have a hard time getting users to return to the website.

Think about it for a moment. Storefront businesses need to stay organized. They put all the categories together. No business puts cleaning supplies in the same aisle as the cereal. In fact, there are actual jobs where people decide where things go in different stores.

How do you take this shopworn idea and apply it to your website? You need a plan. Even if your website does not sell anything, you still need a layout plan. It comes down to user-friendliness. The more user-friendly your site, the easier it is for your visitors to find the information.

To achieve organization and optimization goals, you need to look for a CMS solution. WordPress is your answer.

At Internet Marketing Team, we use WordPress for our SEO Hosting. We have chosen this tool for its applicability to each need of our clients. Let’s dive into a few of the best attributes of WordPress.


black-and-white-toolsBefore you create a new website, you will need a tool to set up shop. This is sort of like the landlord who owns the building of a storefront business. The business owner handles the business decisions inside the walls of the business. The owner provides the necessary shell.

WordPress is that solution. It provides your website with the electrical wiring, the stones walls, and the necessary heating and cooling systems.

If your landlord is terrible, your business is likely going to suffer. Either they charge an exorbitant amount of rent or they provide shoddy repairs to save themselves money. Could you imagine if a website service did that?

Competition on the streets is hard enough, but the Internet is an entirely different beast. There are millions of websites. If you rely on a one-size-fits-all method, your website will surely flounder around in a sea of look alikes.

WordPress offers customizability for all your site’s needs.

The main page of a site and all clickable pages are available for customization. If customization is not your thing, you always have the option to choose from a list of templates. There are several templates available for use, but the opportunities for uniqueness are endless.

The best thing about WordPress is that you do not have to worry about complicated HTML codes. WordPress comes equipped with easy click options. If you want to use HTML customizations, it is also available for each post.

Installation of WordPress

Have multiple sites? Many of our clients do. You want to keep the pages separated to avoid grief from Google. SEO Hosting is here to handle the back-end installation of multiple websites on to WordPress.
If you already have websites or need to create them, WordPress installation is easy. It is also easier for us to do it for you. Plus, we provide SEO Hosting to keep your IPs diversified.

speedy-websitesWordPress is famous for their speed. This is not just a marketing ploy – it’s a promise. Installation is fast. It only takes about five minutes to install the system. With our help, the integration of your website is speedy and effortless.

Novices who want the basic package that WordPress has to offer can simply download the process themselves. You do not need sophisticated knowledge to run the system. Still, we recommend that experts use an SEO hosting solution that uses WordPress.

WordPress SEO built-in

Last, but not least, are the SEO built-ins. The best feature of WordPress is its optimization capabilities. Each new post is an opportunity to build your website. As far as content management systems go, WordPress is in tune with the needs of their users.

As we said, sites are only as good as the tools in their toolbox. Likewise, it is a well-proven fact that the best things in life are free. Add them both together and you have WordPress. The free version of WordPress offers a lot to users, but the paid versions offer even more. Whatever version you ultimately decided on, WordPress rates high in user friendliness, and the installation is free.

WordPress seeks to improve your SEO success on content alone. It even has a readability and SEO score. It calculates your chosen keywords and decides from there. When you decide to write a new post, all you have to do is to sit down and write it. The add-ons are helpful. They inform you about things like transitions and passive voice. These add-ons improve your content.

SEO Services by Internet Marketing TeamThese are just examples of some of the add-ons available to you. Twitter even created a WordPress plug-in. Connecting your social media platforms with your website has never been easier.

Customization is key for WordPress. Not only do they offer users a plethora of plug-ins, they also allow you to conduct your business as you see fit. You can add authors and give them whatever access you want. Each website is customizable, based on the needs of that particular site. Do you want one author to have free range while the other enjoys limited access? WordPress allows your business the freedom to do just that.

WordPress appreciates the needs of their clients, and so do we. When we decided on a platform for a CMS solution for our SEO Hosting, we went with WordPress. There was not much thought about it. No other CMS solution is as fast or as beneficial for someone with multiple websites. Enrollment with us is simple. WordPress is simple. Your choice should also be simple.

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