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Google Maps Revamps Ads

Google Maps may, in fact, be the best invention from Google. Whether walking, driving, or taking public transportation, you can get anywhere with this handy (and free) app. If you are the type to get lost in your own house, Google Maps is your best friend. With over 1 billion downloads, many people use Google […]


Benefits of WordPress for SEO

WordPress is a content management system solution. Think of it as a tool for your website. Like any useful tool, you should only use something that is well-maintained and designed to fit all your needs. A website is only as good as the tools used to create it. The point of SEO is to strengthen […]


The Value of Professional SEO Services

Why You Should Leave SEO to the Professionals. If you’ve done any amount of research into search engine optimization (SEO), you have seen the “DIY SEO” claims. SEO is something anyone could do, but that does not mean everyone can do it. The field is always changing. Relying on old SEO knowledge is not a good idea. Likewise, it […]


Moz Metrics and Their Value

Why Use Moz Metrics? PageRank has gone the way of the Dodo. In its heyday, it was a crutch for SEOs. It became an easy way of determining success and importance of a page. In the world without PageRank, what is the world to do? Luckily, Moz Metrics exists. Moz’s scoring system is, in many […]


Monetizing Your SEO: Getting a Return on Investment

Setting a Budget How do you construct a SEO budget without knowing projected costs? Is it even possible to calculate a return on investment with accuracy? People shop online. They watch TV shows. They even order takeout online. Consumers are spending millions of dollars online. Customers find businesses through search engine queries, yet budgeting for […]


Is Your SEO Hosting Secure?

The Benefits of “Jailed” Hosting SEOs never want to admit that their client sites could be in danger. In reality, hackers invent new ways to breakthrough safety precautions and firewalls every day. Even with the best safety precautions and technologies, hackers can still find a way through. Identifying security flaws and potential data breaches are the […]


Are You Misunderstanding SEO Content Performance?

There are numerous ways to measure SEO content performance. Google itself uses dozens of ranking signals to determine the importance and popularity of a site. In your quest to determine just how to best optimize a site for your users, you might be making a few key errors in your analysis. Looking over common data, […]


RankBrain’s AI and How it Effects SEO

RankBrain’s AI and How it Effects SEO Artificial intelligence has come a long way from the old Sci-Fi movies. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a complicated idea taken in by a complicated company, Google, in an attempt to make human interactions less complicated for search engines to understand. RankBrain, as far as we know, is […]


Search Engine Manipulation vs SEO

If there is a system, there will always be someone looking for a shortcut. It’s second nature to many people, and the Internet is their playground. Since Google first announced the now defunct PageRank years ago, people have sought ways to make their success online in any way they can. Generally, there are two ways […]

Social Media and Business: Friend or Foe?

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, social media has expanded exponentially in the last five years alone. While it has provided people with ways to keep in touch with old friends, businesses should be taking full advantage. Business are able to target their audiences and expand their brand with the right internet marketing. Like personal […]

What it Takes to Achieve Link Building Success

Links, links, and more links. They are so important to SEO success and the bread and butter of the SEO business. The more pages linking to your site, the more important you seem to Google. The biggest question that SEO specialists get is when. When will it happen? When will I see results? When can […]


Why Google Suspends Local Listings

The Internet is full of mystery. Without exception, Google is at the top of that list. What is not a secret is that Google routinely suspends listings on their platforms like Google Plus, Google Maps, etc. The only problem is that they never tell you why. Google Local listings are a part of any complete […]


Changes to Search: A New Era of Google

More updates and more changes. It begs the question of what came first – the Google update or the change in human online behavior? Many SEO researchers and experts have found that people are beginning to interact differently online. So which one came first? Most likely, it was behavioral changes. Voice Search Patterns Google’s standard […]


Repercussions of the Death of PageRank

Ding. Dong. PageRank is dead! On April 15th, Google finally pulled the plug on PageRank. PageRank was the grandfather of all SEO metrics. Now, it is gone, leaving domain managers and SEOs questioning how that will affect them. In the beginning, PageRank was often seen as the end all, be all of SEO effectiveness and […]


SEO Exposed: What You Should Know

There is a lot of talk going around about whether search engine optimization (SEO) is something that anyone can do. While it is true that anyone can learn it, not everyone can understand it well enough to be effective. That may sound like a sell, but trust us – it is not. We want to […]

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New Update to Google’s Mobile Algorithm

New changes to mobile friendly SEO may finally bring a much needed upgrade to Google’s mobile algorithm. In May 2015, Google announced plans to integrate mobile friendliness as one of their many ranking signals. In response, websites leapt into action to adapt their sites to be more mobile friendly in order to meet the April […]


RankBrain: What You Need to Know

RankBrain. Like everything else in the ‘Googleverse’, the name of the project is about the only thing that Google is willing to be explicit about. What we do know is that on October 26, 2015, Google announced their plan for the future. I like to think that Google essentially sat down and posited the question, […]

Being Prepared

Jumpstart Your SEO Before You Even Begin

The easiest way to get a jumpstart on your SEO is to plan ahead. Many website creators launch the website first and implement SEO practices later. Will that theory work? Sure, but it will take longer than necessary. If you could achieve SEO success without waiting nearly as long, wouldn’t you go for it? There […]


Figuring Out Behavior Based Ranking Signals

It’s Been Years – Have We Figured Out the Internet Yet? We already know that Google is more judgmental than the Great Aunt at a family gathering – and it is not just Google. Search engines and web browsers process information to understand how users behave. The process of identifying user behaviors is multifaceted and developing […]


Changes to Google’s Ads

Google has unveiled their newest change to their interface after testing out the changes for weeks. The billion dollar company announced on February 20 that they will no longer feature paid-for advertisements on the right side of the page. The search engine results page or SERPs will still appear the same except that the advertisements […]


Is Your Web Content Driving Away Business?

Only one out of every five people are reading your full online content. Yes, you read that correctly. People always complain that today’s population has a low attention span. Now, we have some proof. Recently, Dan Petrovic surveyed 500 people. Only 16% of those people read the entire article. That number is terrifying in an […]

Judge Google

Google is Judging You, So What’s Next?

When it comes to Google’s algorithms for their search engine there’s a definite air of secrecy. The elephant in the room includes Google’s newest announcement regarding their algorithm. Google Panda, an algorithm designed specifically to combat the growing spam concern online, will now be part of their “core algorithm”. Google insists that nothing will change […]