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We have a no contracts guarantee. This means that if you're not satisfied with the results you can cancel your service at any time. Our local Dental SEO Services experts turn down more customers than they take on. Why? We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money. Local SEO for Dentists is what we do best. Your ROI is extremely important to us. If we don’t think that we can produce the best return for your SEO investment, we will tell you!


Our Dental SEO team will guarantee you the best rankings for the relative search terms in your area, but that's not what's really important to your success. Our REAL focus is getting your practice more patients. After all, what good are high rankings if your phone isn’t ringing? We work tirelessly to make sure that your website is perfectly optimized to convert each targeted visitor into an actual new patient.


If you're not ranking #1 on Google for your local dental terms, who is? What are they saying about you? Don't let your competition or negative reviews control the message that potential new patients are receiving. Let our SEO for Dentists experts ensure that your patients find your website FIRST.


We will make sure you get the most for your hard earned money. We pride ourselves on generating profitable results for every single one of our customers. Getting you the right search engine rankings is just the first step in the path towards SEO success. Our greatest success is making sure that you see optimal profits from the rankings. Remember – we guarantee those rankings or your money back! Our work doesn’t end when you get the #1 spot on Google. We will keep working with you to ensure the highest ROI possible.


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We are the Dental SEO Experts. In less than 3 months we will have you listed on the first page of for the valuable web searches specific to your dental practice location. Start getting more new dental patients today by teaming up with our SEO for Dentists Team. We love what we do and always guarantee great results. Call us today!

Local and National Terms Starting At These Low Rates


$499 per month
Page One Guarantee
SEO Analysis
Target 2 Keyword Phrases
Website Optimization
Monthly SEO Service Reports


$999 per month
Page One Guarantee
SEO Analysis
Target 5 Keyword Phrases
Website Optimization
Monthly SEO Services Reports
Dedicated Account Manager


$1499 per month
Page One Guarantee
SEO Analysis
Target 10 Keyword Phrases
Website Optimization
Monthly SEO Services Reports
Dedicated Account Manager


They got me to page one in 90 days and most of my chosen key phrases were in the top 3 positions. I'd definitely recommend Internet Marketing Team to any of my friends.



That’s easy. We are great at what we do. We only take on a new SEO client if we KNOW we can give them a great ROI. That makes both us, our customers, and our CFO happy.

Most “local” SEO companies outsource the majority of the work to countries like India. When we say local we mean it. 100% of the SEO work will be done right here in Gilbert, Arizona by happy and well paid employees. Helping out the community is why we started Internet Marketing Team in the first place.

Our hat is bright white. We only use safe and affective linking strategies. Don’t let some black hat SEO firm make a mess of your website. Undoing bad SEO takes a lot of time and money.

Almost immediately. You can usually expect to see your site on page one within 3 - 6 months. Most of our clients get there much faster. Plan accordingly in case you need to hire a few more employees to handle all of the extra business 🙂

It’s a combination of secret sauce, an insanely experienced team, and a genuine passion for internet marketing. We love helping our customers get more customers.

It doesn't matter if you are a new Dentist just starting out or an established Dental Practice looking to expand. We can help. Let our experts help you decide if our Dental SEO Services are right for your practice. We’re honest. If we don’t think that we can give you a great return on your SEO investment, we’ll tell you up front. If we say that we can show you results, we will deliver. That’s why we offer a no contracts guarantee on all of our SEO services for Dentists. Fill out the form on the left and one of our knowledgeable and local Dental SEO experts will get ahold of you right away. Need help even faster? Give us a call. It will actually be us that answers the phone. We look forward to working together.

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