Google Apps for Work versus Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkMailAmazon recently announced their new product WorkMail; a cloud based enterprise email service that operates using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Similar to other enterprise webmail services, Amazon WorkMail, is designed to eliminate the need for businesses to operate an on-site mail server. WorkMail, is set to compete with the likes of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. However, what many industry watchers are wondering about is whether the new service will be a break through in the cloud services market. In terms of privacy protection, WorkMail doesn’t appear to be an improvement compared to other webmail services. The service does allow users to choose their own AWS storage location. This capability has the potential for reducing access latency. In addition, the integration of WorkMail to AWS Management Console and Key Management Service is designed to allow operators to use TLS Web Mail and enable users to wipe data remotely from devices.

In terms of pricing, WorkMail is only pennies less compared to Google. Alternately, Google Apps has the advantage of having a host of powerful features such as video calls and productivity suite for spreadsheets and documents. Despite the attractive price offer, Amazon’s WorkMail will find it hard to break through the market, because both Google and Microsoft are well established. Google for instance, has a network that spans thousands of service providers, product vendors, and consulting partners.

Research shows that most users prefer working with a company that is known for its reliability and prompt service; Google Apps for Work guarantees users reliability and mobility. Amazon’s new webmail service doesn’t have a support history; for this reason, its success is highly dependent on whatever businesses will have built around the parent company.

According to most analysts, Amazon’s new offering still has a long way to go to effectively compete with Google Apps for Work. Part of the reason is the limited number of features and design that limits the scope of operation. Timing is the other key problem, WorkMail is likely to face.

IT professionals from Phoenix SEO agency and system administrators looking for a comprehensive alternative to Windows Server 2003 will find it hard to adopt WorkMail due to a couple of reasons. These experts are looking for a tool that fully supports their products in the long term, and not a just a bargain, drop-in replacement that requires no training. Organizations migrating from obsolete applications such as Oracle Communications Messaging servers may like the fact that WorkMail supports Outlook. However, this is not a unique feature of WorkMail and services like Google Apps for Work remain the established contender.

google-apps-work-logoGoogle Apps for Work comes with an array of business grade services which are not present in the free product version. These products include; around the clock phone and email support, professional domain based email, and additional storage space across Gmail and Drive. The other features include interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, full user accounts administration, enhanced security features and increased guaranteed uptime. The comprehensive Google Apps for Work service also supports an all-in-one solution with comprehensive tools designed to work seamlessly together. For example, Google Apps users can easily receive messages from Gmail and instantly convert the message into a calendar event. Additionally, when a user makes a comment on Slides or Docs, collaborators are automatically notified with an email alert. Users can also launch Google Hangout video straight from the calendar or Gmail inbox. These tools are all designed to improve productivity, while offering value to the business.

Google Apps for Work has been ramping up their campaign, perhaps in anticipation of competition from Amazon. One of their initiatives is to offer discount referral codes for Google Apps through select partners. In addition for quite some time now Google has partnered with many organizations to resell Google Apps for Work to help spread the distribution lines. Despite the positive spin for Amazon’s WorkMail service it’s very likely that Amazon will find it difficult to cut into Google’s marketshare.

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