Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud PrintI despise printers. It seems like every time I need something printed I get an error telling me the printer is out of ink. Or it disconnected from wi-fi. Or the driver needs to be updated. Or something else is broken. This is why I gave up on owning printers a couple years ago at my SEO service Phoenix.

In most situations I can avoid printing documents by saving the files to Google Drive and sharing via email but occasionally I am forced to print something.

In these situations I use Google Cloud Print to print to FedEx-Kinkos and Ill just pick up the paper documents when I am in the area. If you havent used Google Cloud Print feature here are the very simple instructions.

Yesterday FedEx announced that they are going one step further and integrating Google Drive directly into their printers.  This means that those of us that use Google Apps for Business can just save documents to Google Drive and when we get to FedEX just log into Drive and print any document stored on our Google account.

Take a look at the attached video to see exactly how the FedEx printers attach to Google Drive.

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