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Google Announces New Google Drive for Work with Unlimited Storage and Other Great Features

Google drive for workWith companies expanding to include not only the employees housed in one building but also employees working from other cities and other parts of the world, the ability to easily share files among colleagues in multiple locations is now more important than ever. Colleagues cannot effectively collaborate if they cannot share and access important documents and files.

Google initially addressed this widespread problem with Google Drive, Google’s online platform that currently allows users to send and share files no matter where they are. While over 190 million people actively use and benefit from this program, many users asked for additional capabilities to meet their business’s expanding needs. As of June 25, 2014, Google is once again meeting customers’ demands by releasing its latest business offering: Google Drive for Work.

Google Drive for Work expands upon Google’s previous offering, Google Drive, in order to give business owners more features they want and need. New features include: unlimited storage, new security controls, advanced audit reporting and increased capabilities.

Unlimited Storage

No business wants to be held back by the amount of storage they can use. Now businesses won’t have to be. Google’s unlimited storage offer is a huge improvement over its previous offerings. Previously, business owners had to pay anywhere from $1.99 per month to as much as $300 per month for the additional storage space they needed. Now, businesses can access storage space as much as they need. Businesses can also upload files as large as an impressive 1TB with Google’s new Google Drive for Work.

New Security Controls

With everything happening online these days, businesses are often rightly concerned about their privacy and security and the privacy and security of their customers. Thankfully, Google Drive for Work addresses this with new, increased security controls. Not only are messages and files encrypted before they are uploaded to Google’s servers, but they remain encrypted while on the servers and while being sent between servers for seamless security assurance.

Advanced Audit Reporting

With this much power and space, business owners may worry about what their employees are up to or if their confidential information will remain safe in the cloud. Thankfully, Google has addressed these concerns as well. With Google Drive for Work, administrators are able to track user actions, including moving, sharing and deleting files both inside and outside of the company.

Increased Capability

Google is also addressing longstanding concerns about business’s ability to access Microsoft Office files with its new addition of QuickOffice. While users will still have to convert some files to access a few particular features–including real time commenting, for example–users will now be able to read and edit Microsoft Office files right within Google Apps For Business.

While Microsoft Office has always been the standard in Office type software, Google is quickly becoming a very worthy alternative, especially now with Google Drive for Work. Plus, Google Drive for Work starts at a very affordable $10 per user, making it a very practical, affordable and user-friendly option. No where else can businesses find this much storage space or this level of capacity at such an affordable price.

If you have been considering using Google for your business, or even if you haven’t been, now is the time to make the switch. With Google Drive for Work’s unlimited storage, new security controls, advanced audit reporting and increased capabilities all for only $10 per user per month, now is the time to make the switch.

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