header Google Kills The Gmail For Business 25GB Limit

Google Kills The Gmail For Business 25GB Limit

Gmail For BusinessToday on their Enterprise blog Google announced a significant change on how storage is managed in Google Apps For Business. Currently users are given 25GB for Gmail and 5GB for Drive. You can pay extra to add on Drive storage but the 25GB Gmail limit could not be lifted.

Starting in just a few weeks the 30GB of storage Google gives you for Gmail for Business and Google Drive will be combined and as a result Gmail inboxes for Google Apps customers will no longer limited to 25 GB. Any extra Google Drive storage you purchase will automatically be shared by Gmail and Google+.

This will be a huge improvement for Phoenix SEO firm and clients that are maxing out their 25GB Gmail for Business inbox. In the past the only solution for a full Gmail inbox was to either migrate messages to a new inbox or backup with Google Vault and delete the messages.

If you are curious on how much storage you are currently using in your Gmail For Business account visit the Google Drive Storage Page.

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