Google Rolls Out Exciting New Features in Google Contacts Update

While the ability to store contact information for everyone in your Gmail address book, everyone you’ve ever emailed, and all your friends, Phoenix SEO company, family and co-workers on Google+ all in one location may be handy, unfortunately, sometimes all that stored information can get in the way. Thankfully, just this last Tuesday, Google rolled out some exciting new updates for Google Contacts that should make keeping in touch with friends and family easier and more organized than ever before.

Google ContactsPreviously, with Google Contacts, all of your contacts were stored in one long, unorganized list. With no way to sort the listings into user-friendly groupings, you often had to search through a long list of contacts you didn’t intend to keep in the first place for the few that you contact all of the time. Plus, it wasn’t uncommon to have multiple contact profiles for a single person.

Thankfully, Google is rolling out a new system designed to increase usability and practicality. Here’s what you can expect.

Easily Get Rid of Duplicates

With contacts constantly being automatically added from a variety of sources, it wasn’t uncommon to have multiple contact profiles for a single person. With the new Google Contacts, however, you can quickly and easily combine and remove any duplicates for a more streamlined contacts list. Simply hit the “merge” button or delete any profiles you no longer need.

Information Updated Automatically

Keeping everyone’s contact information up-to-date can be incredibly tricky. Thankfully, the new Google Contacts is here to help. By syncing your contact list with the information found in your friends’ Google + social profiles, their information will always remain up-to-date as long as their profiles are.

Contacts Grouped By Email Frequency

No longer will you have to hunt through a long list of people you emailed once in order to find a certain contact you email all the time. The new Google Contacts now separates out your starred contacts and your frequently contacted contacts into their own sections so you can find the people you communicate with the most quickly and easily. Keep your starred contacts at the top and always be able to find them at a glance.

Find Your Latest Communications All in One Place

Whether you are wondering when the last time you emailed a certain contact was or you are looking for a certain email but you don’t remember when you sent it, Google Contacts makes things easy. Now, when you view a contact, you can see your last few email conversations with that contact at a glance, right under their contact information. Whether you talk to this person frequently or it’s been years–you can pick up right where you left off!

For Gmail users with a long and complicated contact list, these changes are long overdue and quite welcome. Unfortunately, however, this new system isn’t available to everyone–at least not yet. Currently, the new Google Contacts is only available for Gmail users–not people using Google Apps, though a Google Apps version is in the works.

Google is in the process of rolling out the new design currently, but if you’d like to preview the Phoenix SEO design before it goes live in your Gmail inbox, you can see a preview by visiting The new Google Contacts is expected to roll out over the next few weeks.

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