Google Sheets Upgrade - The new Google Sheets Features

Google Sheets Upgrade – The new Google Sheets Features

If you’re looking for a better way to do you work then the new upgrades to Google sheets is the way to go. It’s been rebuilt from its very beginnings to be an improved program offering not only more options but also a safer experience for your documents.

Google The new Google Sheets FeaturesGoogle sheets now offers millions of cells you can use and there’s no longer any limits on columns, formulas, or the number of cells that can be copied and pasted. Scrolling through a bigger spreadsheet will go much more seamlessly with the lag from having a lot on one page being removed for the most part. The overall functionality is drastically improved in this update allowing seamless use.

Filter views is a new system unique to Google sheets that allows you to create, name, and save custom views of data without affecting how other collaborators view it. With filter views you can each view the spreadsheet the way you see it and work to create a more improved spreadsheet as a team with different outlooks.

Another major change to Google sheets is the addition of offline editing, something the program has been in dire need of. With offline editing working away from the office has never been easier. The changes had already been implemented to the programs Google Docs and Google Slides and should be implemented immediately for those that have previously used those programs while other will have a small process to go through to access the functionality but will find it well worth it.

Another small but needed change is a better in-line help system that allows you access to improved help center articles to guide you through making and designing your spreadsheets. This makes learning to use Google Sheets and figuring out any difficulties you have with it even as an experienced user much simpler.

With the changes Google has been making to all of their office programs they seem to be out to take on the popular Microsoft Office programs. If any company can improve to that level it is certainly Google and they seem to be doing more than a good enough job of that now. The new changes to Google sheets are in short, amazing.

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