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How Google Webmaster Tools can Help You With Your SEO

Google’s Webmaster Tools is a free service anyone can use to check their site’s health and visibility on Google and visit best seo company in Phoenix to help improve their site’s SEO strategy. Here are nine ways you can use Google’s Webmaster Tools to improve your site’s SEO today.

1. Verify Your Site Ownership

You need to verify that you own your site before you can view your site’s data, tell Google about site URL changes or remove sitelinks from Google search results. You can verify your site by adding a meta tag to your home page, uploading an HTML file or verifying via your domain name provider.

2. Sign Up for Email Forwarding

When you sign up for email forwarding, you receive important information such as malware notifications or alerts for crawling errors in your email inbox, allowing you to respond quickly to these notifications without having to constantly log in to your Webmaster Tools dashboard to check for updates.

3. See Top Search Queries

With the search queries tool, you can see which queries you rank for, which queries lead to people clicking on your site and how long people stay on your site. You can look at your data for all your search terms or select only the relevant terms that you want to study.

4. Verify Key Words

This tool lets you know which keywords Google thinks are the most important for your site. It is important that you make sure that these keywords accurately reflect the content of your site. These keywords should also reflect or match the keywords you want to rank.

5. Reduce Duplicate Content

Every page on your website should have its own unique title and description so your Page Rank is not diluted by competing pages. The HTML suggestions tool will let you know if any of your pages have duplicate information so you can differentiate the information or use rel=”canonical” or URL parameter handling to combine or ignore certain pages in Google.

6. Fix Crawl Errors

The crawl errors tool allows you to make sure that all pages of your website are accessible to both Google bots and your site users. If Google cannot access your page, you cannot rank for it, and if users cannot visit your pages, they cannot purchase your items. They may even become frustrated and leave your page altogether.

7. Check Internal Links

The internal links tool lets you see which pages of your site receive the most links from other pages in your site. You want to make sure that pages that you want to prioritize have the highest number of internal links so that both your users and Google can find and access them easily.

8. Fetch as Google Bot

If any parts of your website are not accessible to Google bots, Google will not be able to access the information found in them or index them. With the fetch as Google bot, you can see your website as Google sees it and make sure whole site is accessible to crawlers.

9. Use Site Performance

Your site visitors do not want to wait more than a few seconds for your site to load. The site performance feature allows you to see how quickly your pages load so you can make improvements as needed.

While Google’s Webmaster tools are incredibly helpful for basic do-it-yourself SEO, there is no substitute for a professional SEO company like Internet Marketing Team when you are ready to take your site’s SEO to the next level. The expert SEO’s at Internet Marketing Team will not only know the basic Google Webmaster tools, but they will also know all the tips and tricks to optimize your website at a professional level.

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