Guilty of Bad SEO Practices? Four Ways Your Site Can Recover

Guilty of Bad SEO Practices? Four Ways Your Site Can Recover

SEO CompanySome businesses, eager to build up their website’s Page Rank, have taken to bad SEO practices, including purchasing poor quality links, paying for low quality articles or spamming blogs, forums or comment sections. The problem with this strategy, however, is that it is a violation of Google’s guidelines and it can cause websites to lose Page Rank or even be removed from Google altogether.

If you have used bad SEO tactics on your blog in the past and are now ready to clean up your site’s backlinks, Best SEO company in Phoenix recommend these four ways you can clean up your website and improve your Page Rank.


1. Remove Bad Links

The first step you should take to recover from bad SEO is to remove as many spammy links to your website as possible. Either delete the links yourself if you own them or contact the owner and ask that the links be taken down. Not only will this strategy help your Page Rank, but it will also ensure that when people search for your site, they do not see a bunch of spammy links.

2. Disavow Bad Links

After you have manually removed as many bad SEO links as possible, use Google’s disavow tool to clean up the rest. This tool basically tells Google to ignore certain links and not pass their poor reputation on to your site. This process can take weeks as Google bots crawl and map the various sites again, but it is an essential step for companies who need to clean up their backlinks immediately to avoid repercussions.

3. Hire an SEO Services Company

While the process of deleting and disavowing your bad SEO links is fairly straightforward, it can be incredibly complicated and time-consuming to find every link, determine if it is bad or not, and deal with it accordingly. If your company has a large mess to clean up, it is well worth your time to hire a SEO services company like Internet Marketing Team that has the knowledge and expertise needed to get the job done. Great SEO services companies like Internet Marketing Team will quickly remove and disavow your negative links for you, leaving you time to focus on the other business tasks you need to get done each day.

4. Use Best Practices Going Forward

Once you have cleaned up your bad SEO links, be careful to follow Google’s best practices going forward. Keep up the great work, be patient and enjoy the increased Page Rank you have earned from Internet Marketing Team.

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