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How to Build the Perfect Landing Page for Google Ads

Creating the perfect ad copy is essential to attracting your ideal demographic. In a day and age where people are bombarded with advertisements on almost every page they click on, it can be hard to stand out. If you think you have a perfect ad campaign and are not seeing any results, your landing page might be the problem.

A high-quality Google Ads Marketing deserves an equally high-quality landing page. If you’re a small business owner, web admin, or SEO specialist and want to learn how to create the perfect landing page, keep reading.

What do I Need to Build the Perfect Landing Page?

landing page buildingBuilding a great landing page can be a daunting task. Here are a few challenges to take into consideration:

  • You can’t build landing pages in Google Ads. Despite this fact, landing pages are needed to complete the pay-per-click (PPC) cycle. You can create a solid landing page either on your website or on third-party websites such as HubSpot and Lander.
  • Landing pages cannot be built solo. Various elements go into creating a successful landing page. The page needs to be well-designed and fit with the theme of your overall brand, requiring the services of a web designer that is also familiar with logo branding. It also needs a hosting environment. Elements such as these take up a great amount of time and money.

How do You Ensure Your Landing Page Will Convert?

Having a landing page that converts is essential. However, there are still many errors that people make, which severely hinders their conversion rate. You should also make sure that your landing page matches the ad. A landing page is an extension of your Google advertisement. If there are issues between the two, potential customers will become frustrated and click off.

A popular example of such issues is keeping your home page as your landing page. Ensure that your landing page is directly related to the advertisement. Additionally, keep the format of the landing page easy-to-read. Nobody wants to read a long block of text on a product or service. Instead, keep the format short and sweet. Use clear, concise sentences complete with bullet points, specific headings, and short paragraphs. You should also incorporate images whenever possible.

What Does Every Landing Page Need?

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  • A customizable Call-to-Action button: The usual text like “Submit” or “Go” just doesn’t cut it. To keep your webpage professional and make it stand out from the rest, customize the text while relating it to your service.
  • A benefit-oriented headline: This kind of headline is proven to have a 4.3% higher conversion rate than a normal headline. It emphasizes a benefit to the user caused by purchasing the site’s product or service as opposed to just asking them to buy it.
  • An eye-catching design: A user’s first impression is always related to the general look of the site. Hire an expert SEO service that knows what to put on your site and what to avoid. Some of the elements to avoid include pop-ups, surveys, music, and auto-play videos. These are proven to lower user satisfaction and pleasure, which can result in them leaving the site.
  • Short forms: Asking users to fill in long forms can make them abandon your site entirely. Although having a longer form available with a greater number of fields is good for a marketer as it gives your customers a better user experience, this attempt to know your customer better can backfire. This is as clients get bored with the length of the form, resulting in friction and eventually, abandonment. Instead, you can gather their details over the course of the newsletters and forms sent later.

How to Check Your Conversion Rate?

google ads conversion Google Ads has a free conversion tracking tool that you can take advantage of to track your progress. Conversion tracking is essential to find out which keywords and ad campaigns are driving your customer activity. It also lets you understand your return on investment(ROI) and consequently, make more well-informed decisions on your spending.

With the free conversion tracking function, you can track actions that are a direct result of your Google Ad such as:

  • Purchases made by customers
  • Sign-ups to a form or newsletter
  • Phone calls made by numbers found through the Google Ad
  • App installations
  • Customer activity that starts online but ends offline
  • Professional SEO Services for Landing Page Optimization

Hiring professional SEO services and WordPress website design experts can really increase the quality of your landing page, resulting in a better overall Quality Score. With 5-15% of conversion happening on the landing page as opposed to 1-3% on the home page, the importance of the landing page to a site is evident. If you want a beautiful website copy that is direct, succinct, and converts visitors, contact Internet Marketing Team today and rise to the top.

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