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How to Geotag Photos for Google My Business

One of the main components to successful SEO is optimizing image data or EXIF data. When you upload any photos to your Google My Business (GMB) profile, you need to rename the image before doing so. This is inherent data that Google uses to rank your profile for certain keywords, which is why it’s so important to geotag images for your GMB profile.

Geotagging is the act of adding a location to your image using specific coordinates. Since Google My Business and ranking in local SERPs is dependent on your location, geotagging is vital to showing up in search.

Here is how to add a geotag to your Google My Business images.

Guide to Geotagging for Google My Business

Many business owners are not aware of EXIF data and how to geotag images so that your business shows up in local results. This simple change can make all the difference for your search rank.

Understanding EXIF Data for Geotagging

The first step to geotag is to find EXIF data. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. This data captures the file format of every photo on your GMB, but it also adds more information, such as GPS location and camera properties.

To find EXIF data for any image, you simply need to save it to your computer, then right-click and go to properties. Here you can view the details or EXIF data.

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You’ll notice there are a ton of other details listed here, some of which you can change right in the properties tab to boost Google Maps SEO. However, geotagging is a little different, and you’ll need a tool to change the location data.

How to Add Geotags

There is an easy-to-use online tool to add geotags to your business images. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Go to in any browser.
  • Search your business name and correct location. You want the latitude and longitude to match exactly for someone searching in the area.
  • Upload your business image that you want to appear on your profile.
  • Click “Write EXIF Tags” and wait for the tool to add location information.
  • Click “Download” to save the new image now with geotags.

You should do this for every single one of the images currently on your Google My Business profile, as well as any new images that you plan to upload.

Tips for Images on Google My Business

google maps

  • Download all images currently on your profile
  • Once all downloaded, remove these photos from your profile so you don’t have duplicates when you re-upload the new images
  • Rename all new images with location keywords such as “pizza-restaurant-atlanta-georgia.jpg”
  • Add geotags to further define the location for Google

It may take Google some time to index these photos, but in our experience, your business profile should instantly start ranking higher for local searches with this new data added.

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