Increasing LinkedIn Visibility Through SEO Tactics

LinkedIn is a large social platform for both businesses and those seeking jobs. The site receives 194 million visitors each month, and this alone can make it difficult for clients and customers to find your company. Since there are so many companies on LinkedIn, how can you make yours stand out in the crowd?

A winning approach is using carefully placed keywords and other Phoenix SEO firm methods in your LinkedIn business listing. This process starts with a robust profile that includes the following key principles:

• Spotlighting expertise

• Brand building

• Finding clients and customers

• Keeping them engaged with news and posts

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Optimizing Your Profile with Expertise

The main objective of your LinkedIn business profile is showing how your business is the best at what it does in its industry or niche. The profile provides ample space to present the work you have done with clients, success stories and areas of experience. When filling out these sections, be sure to use keywords that reflect the services of your business and that are friendly for search engines. As an example, if your law firm specializes in environmental cases, ensure that you say that in different ways, such as “environmental attorney,” “environmental law” and “environmental lawyer.” This optimizes your profile in a way that sounds natural.

Building Up Your Brand

LinkedIn allows you to add your business logo, links to the work your company has done as well as links to the social media accounts for your business. You can use this part of the profile to your benefit by making sure your images are tagged and named properly for SEO, such as “Denver orthopedic surgeon.” Your social media links should have your business logo or brand imagery, and any taglines should contain optimized keywords from your profile.

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Attracting Clients and Customers

LinkedIn has an excellent search feature to help you find potential clients and customers through their filters for business type, geography and keywords. In order to narrow down the list of profiles, you should locate a minimum of one profile for each customer type. Look closely for descriptions that have impactful details because they lead you to the potential clients who are the best fit for your business. Once you read through a number of profiles, you will have a clear picture of your ideal customer and their traits, especially the common ones.

Engaging Customers with Content

Put the finishing touches on your LinkedIn presence with engaging content. This should be rich with keywords and phrases that are friendly, according to a Phoenix SEO firm. Doing this presents you with several advantages:

• The content will appear in your newsfeed

• The SEO hashtags used will present the content to anyone following the tag and not limit it to only your own followers

• You will comes across as an expert in your business or field

• You will receive more traffic to the company website and your profile if the link is used in the content, increasing engagement

Offering special promotions and deals exclusively to LinkedIn readers is another way to keep people engaged. You can offer classes, seminars or free consultations to get new leads and speak directly with potential customers.

LinkedIn is a powerful and complex social platform for business, and it can be overwhelming. The Internet Marketing Team has years of experience with LinkedIn and is always available to help you navigate and get your profile exactly right. Explore the website or call 1-888-518-3718 for more information.

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