Is Your SEO Hosting Secure?

The Benefits of “Jailed” Hosting

SEOs never want to admit that their client sites could be in danger. In reality, hackers invent new ways to breakthrough safety precautions and firewalls every day. site-protectionEven with the best safety precautions and technologies, hackers can still find a way through. Identifying security flaws and potential data breaches are the bread and butter of hackers. They invest in their craft. As SEOs offering hosting solutions, we too should invest in our client’s safety.

Take this all too common scenario in the modern world. A website is growing in popularity. As part of their business, they collect emails for their monthly newsletter about new products. Somehow, all the website’s clients are now getting spam emails that look like legitimate emails from the company. After clicking on bad links in the email, hackers compromise the client’s email.

It’s a nightmarish situation. You wake up one day to check on your sites. To your horror, you find one of your sites has been corrupted and hacked. Worse still, the hacker was able to corrupt all your websites on that server. Not only do you have to worry about restoring all the sites and figuring out how to prevent the hacker from getting back in, but you’ll have to deal with the fall in rankings due to the site being compromised. hacked-sitesClimbing back up in rankings can take much longer than it took to fall as a result of your sites getting hacked. Finally, to add insult to injury you’ll have to make an embarrassing apology to your clients and hope that they don’t switch SEOs as a result of poor hosting security.

The hack happened because a hacker compromised one website first – the rest were due to an open back door to your other sites. No matter how the original hack happened – it happened. Without precautions in place, that one hacker affected EVERY website in your hosting system. One website’s problems spread to every other website. A small or incomplete website can affect the bigger websites with more to lose.

No one knows your company hosted those sites, yet your reputation is still on the line as an SEO provider. Your client knows who you are and word of mouth affects potential and current clients. Your clients, upset and angry, turn their attention to you. Next you know, you are the one who has to clean up the mess. All the while you are dealing with upset clients wondering how this happened.

hackedHacking is not 100% preventable. You can only take so many steps to prevent it. Without taking precautions, the blast zone of damage could be far reaching.
When a security breach happens, everyone feels the effects, including the hosting company. In a typical hosting system, a breach of one is the breach of many. A breach does not always cause this catastrophic damage, however, if you use the right tools.

“Jailed hosting” is the tool you wished you had following a hack. It is the tool necessary to protect your client’s safety.

Why we use “jailed” hosting

Looking to avoid the nightmare situation we discussed above? Have you considered a jailed hosting system? At Internet Marketing Team, we built this into our SEO hosting system. It’s an automatic security feature dedicated to our client’s safety. Jailed hosting is not a feature that most SEOs consider necessary. We at Internet Marketing Team disagree.

Jailed hosting can be a beneficial tool for successful hosting. Every SEO hosting company offering solutions should offer jailed hosting for their clients. Jailed hosting focuses on privacy and security of your clients.

Jailed hosting takes each website and keeps them separate from each other. To put it simply, we compartmentalize each website from the others. It is no different than jailing other features in your SEO hosting solutions. safeJailing means that a feature or website is separate from other sites housed on the same hosting account. Keep in mind that IP diversity is separate from jailed hosting. IP diversity is another means of protecting website privacy and differs from the jailed hosting feature.

Without keeping websites jailed from other sites, your websites are vulnerable. One hack  could mean access to the remaining sites. Jailing each site contains each site in a proverbial silo. When disaster strikes, the jailed site contains the damage to that site only. Making harder and unlikely for a hacker to hack into each and every individual website.

Jailed hosting has a dual purpose. It acts as a quarantine to keep other sites safe from the hacker. Likewise, it protects the remaining sites on a hosting account from any dangers.

Jailed hosting is still not something many consider useful. This mindset is due in part to the newness of the concept. To that we say this: hackers do not shy away from new ways to infiltrate. Neither should you. Using jailed hosting on each website is a safety precaution. Safety and security are what people should look for in their SEO hosting.

Think of it this way – jailed hosting puts iron bars around any site that a hacker attacks. It traps or jails that attacker in that particular site. In other situations, attacking a host provides a pathway to all others. With jailed hosting, a hosting system throws the attacker in “jail”. The hacker is prohibited from going further.

If you think about it, it can deter hackers from coming back to hack your sites. peace-of-mindWithout jailed hosting, a hacker would expend the same amount of effort of hacking a jailed hosting site, yet they would be able to access an entire hosting network. Even hackers understand the cost-benefit analysis of a jailed host versus a non-jailed host.

Jailed hosting is automatic in our hosting solution. It keeps our clients safer. While it is impossible to guarantee a hack-free hosting solution. We feel that the odds decrease significantly with jailed hosting. Jailed hosting just makes sense.

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