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On-Site Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

In the modern web era, a site needs to be as functional as it is attractive. User experience (UX) is what makes or breaks an online presence. Google now considers UX as a ranking factor, and bad UX often has a negative impact on indexing. The main goal of any business website is to increase traffic and conversions. The SEO services Phoenix turns to for results explains the most common UX mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bad Design

website designNothing drives away traffic and potential sales faster than an ugly, dysfunctional website. Poor layout combined with annoyances such as oversized, animated advertising, autoplay audio and video, and obtrusive popups make the site look dated and like the company does not care about the impression that it makes. Since 30 to 90 percent of online users refuse to use sites with bad design, it is a worthy investment to hire a professional designer for a clean and attractive presence that supports the message of the brand.


Slow Speed

While an attractive site is important, so is speed. If the site is slow to load, no one will stick around to see how nice it looks. Almost half of all internet users will surf away from a site that does not load in two seconds or less. This is not only lost sales, but it also results in a lower ranking because Google considers speed when it indexes sites. A good website has properly optimized content that loads quickly, and the first step in that process is quality hosting. The last thing a business wants is users hitting the back button out of frustration, resulting in a high bounce rate.

Irritating Popups

webite adsNo matter how they are used, popups are irritating to users. This is especially true of ads that are so large, they block out the content, a practice that Google now penalizes. Popups are used for Facebook likes, newsletter signups, autoplay advertising and to show notifications. While they may result in extra clicks and subscriptions, they are not worth the aggravation they cause visitors. If popups must be used, the SEO services Phoenix loves says the business should follow the best practices set by Google. Relevant content is a better approach to building a brand’s reputation. Too many popups just look desperate.

Poor Navigation

When visitors arrive at a website, they should be able to find what they need quickly. Critical pages like search, contact, support and login should be clearly linked in the same place on every page, in a location where people expect to find them. Navigation is a guide for users, and they will leave a site that makes such a basic function too difficult. Search bars, sensible drop-down menus and user-friendly components are an excellent starting point.

Non-Responsive Design

website navigationIn years past, having a desktop version and a mobile version of a website was a must. Web design has evolved since that time with many sites now using responsive layouts. This means a site will look good and be functional on any device or screen size while providing consistency for visitors. With the majority of users accessing the web through a mobile device, responsive design is very important. In addition, Google now uses the mobile experience as a ranking signal and prioritizes it over desktop. Hiring a professional designer will result in an attractive and responsive website that works well for all users.

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