Why Penguin Has SEOs Looking at Outbound Links

penguinIf you noticed that your page rankings suddenly changed in late September or October 2016, then Penguin 4.0 may be to blame. This update to Penguin will likely be the last because Google is now looking at sites in real-time. Penguin is constantly evaluating pages containing bad links and apparently even penalizing sites for their outbound links. Therefore, small business owners and webmasters need to take some steps immediately.

Locate Bad Links on Your Own Website

The first step, according to the experts at Search Engine Land, is to locate problems that already exist on your pages. In particular, you want to eliminate all links to directories that do not serve a particular purpose. Take a special look at the comment section if you have it turned to automatic posting to make sure that no one has left a bad link in this area. Make sure that each link connects to your business in some way that Google can easily identify. Check each link to make sure that it does not go to a profile or a spun article. While you are at it, make sure that each link still goes to the page that you intended it to link to as webmasters constantly are upgrading their pages.

Monitor Guest’s Blogs

monitorHaving another person write a guest blog on your site can be a great way to introduce your viewers to content that may interest them. Assuming that you choose the right people, they can greatly enhance the credibility of your site. Be sure to monitor their content carefully to make sure that they do not introduce bad links to your site.

This can be done in several different ways. First, you may choose to make all their links do not follow. Secondly, you can tell them that they cannot use any links. Finally, you can monitor the links yourself to make sure that they point to great sites.

Avoid Links That Pay You

Every small business person knows that it can be really difficult to make money. Therefore, it may be very tempting to post a link to your site in exchange for a product, service or money. This will get you into trouble with Google very fast, so avoid doing this at all costs.

Create Great Content

quality-contentThe best way to build your link profile is to create great content that others want to share with their readers, according to Google. This content allows you to become an authority in your field. Additionally, it builds your customer trust level. Since others will want to link to your content, you can get natural links that help to build your site.

Create Great Links

With Penguin 4.0, Google is looking at every single page on your website that you allow their robots to crawl. Use anchor text that helps Google know what the page is about. According to Pratik Dholakiya on Search Engine Land, you should aim for a variety of anchor text. Some of your text should be diluted where you have anchored to several words, as this appears more natural to readers. You should also use some keyword text allowing the reader to know exactly what they will find on that page. For example, you might use the text fishing supplies to point a reader to a page where they can buy lures. Finally, you should use some branded keyword text that points the reader to an exact brand such as Internet Marketing Team.

Understand that now that with Google’s Penguin 4.0 update, Google will be constantly rating your links. In the past, it may have taken months for Google to reevaluate your page. That means that you need to constantly be watching your links. Yet, you have a thousand things to do, so let Phoenix SEO services  help you. Contact us today to get the process started before you lose your Google search engine ranking and your customers find your competitors.

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