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Trust Flow, Domain Authority And Page Rank

Where can I buy Quality Domains to Rank?

We have the means to get you quality domains and you have the need. It’s that simple.

Unlock the power of online authority with our premium PR domain buying services, helping you secure top-tier domains to boost your website’s credibility and visibility.

Everybody wants highly ranked domains, but who wants to do all that work?

We do! At Internet Marketing Team, we have the highest rated Moz, Majestic, and Page Rank domains. Our domains are all guaranteed to meet the Moz and Majestic metrics that you need at time of delivery. Our dedicated account managers understand the value of SEO domains and will work with you to provide you exactly what you need. Through our services, you don’t have to waste time looking domains. We provide you with domains that boost your SEO success with little effort on your part.

Page Rank, Domain Authority and Trust Flow


$ 99
Per SEO Domain
  • 20 SEO Domain Names
  • Domain Authority 20 or higher
  • Simple Transactions
  • All domains will be in 1 account
  • Ask us about 20+ Majestic Trust Flow!


$ 89
Per SEO Domain
  • 100 SEO Domain Names
  • Domain Authority 20 or higher
  • Simple Transactions
  • All domains will be in 1 account
  • Ask us about 20+ Majestic Trust Flow!


$ 69
Per SEO Domain
  • 500 SEO Domain Names
  • Domain Authority 20 or higher
  • Simple Transactions
  • All domains will be in 1 account
  • Ask us about 20+ Majestic Trust Flow!


We use many indexes and metrics to determine high-quality domains. We use Majestic Metrics’ Citation & Trust Flow, Moz’s Domain Authority, and Page Rank to a lesser extent. Google’s Page Rank recently became closed to the public, but the metrics that Page Rank uses still matter.

Majestic Metrics is a measurement of SEO effectiveness used by Majestic. Majestic Metrics uses citation & trust flow to effectively analyze link intelligence to domains.

This is a system for determining link quality that is used by Majestic SEO. It is far better at determining the attractiveness of a site than other systems, in our opinion. The index that Majestic compiles using citation and trust flow is updated daily, making it one of the most efficient tools for gauging a link’s effectiveness.

The citation & trust flow scores analyze the effectiveness of your website by looking at the sites that link your site.

Do you need higher Trust Flow, Google Page Rank or Domain Authority? Maybe your willing to lower one metric to get a higher score on another? Not a problem! At any given point we are offering many different SEO metric combinations. To find out what metric combinations we are selling today just fill out the form to the right and we will send you a list of SEO domain options along with pricing.

Why Should I Buy My SEO Domains From You?

Why do our Domains Rank?

Majestic Trust Flow

Not just Trust Flow, but Citation Flow and all the other Majestic data too! Majestic is one of the first companies to identify the characteristics that Google uses to rank a domain in their search results. We use to evaluate domains and URL’s from their raw backlink data and Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics.

Moz Domain Authority

Moz is a software and a service company that is a pioneer in SEO and the Internet marketing industry. We have access to all Moz metrics for domains, but typically our packages utilize metrics such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score from Moz. Need a custom package using Moz metrics? Just ask your account manager and we’ll build a package and quote to meet your needs.

Referring Domains and Age

Referring domains and age are great indicators for examining the quality and strength of a domain. Our domains are a processed through a system to ensure that your domain purchases will meet the minimum standards we set to ensure that your domains aren't classified as "spammy" domains.

Anchor Text Guarantee

We understand that many domains look great in number, but the domain history can be a little dangerous. This is why we can and examine the top anchor text using Majestic to ensure that these domains are clean. We scan for all adult text and trademark violations, such as Michael Kors, Ray-ban, Rolex, and more.

Dedicated Account Managers

We want to make sure you get domains that are of the best quality with you having to do the least amount of work. This is why we have dedicated account managers to assist you and take care of all your needs.

Buy Great SEO Domain Names in Bulk

Google, Moz and Majestic Guaranteed

How important are Quality Domains

Very! And here is why...


Increase Volume

More domains, more links. Whether you need a few domains, a few hundred domains or a continual flow for your SEO Company Internet Marketing Team is ready to accommodate your company’s request. We offer bulk SEO domain packages of 20, 100, and 500 high Page Rank, High Trust Flow, and/or Moz Domain Authority domain names so your company can purchase just what it needs. Plus, if you already have domain names and need to purchase more in the future, we will continually find and obtain new SEO domains for you. If you have any questions just give us a call at 1-888-518-3718!

Save Time

Focus on your clients If it were easy to find and buy high PR domains, every company would have them. The truth is: it takes a great deal of time to find the high PR domains that will help your business experience SEO success. Instead of wasting a great deal of your time and resources, simply use Internet Marketing Team. We will take the time to find the high quality SEO domain names that will be perfect for linking to your company or your clients site. Linking from these high quality SEO Page Rank domain names will ensure that web searchers will find your company in web search results and therefore be more likely to bring you their business as a result

Increase Profit

Get more for your money. The more SEO domains you have, the more clients you can accommodate and the more money you can earn for your SEO company. Our domains, which have high Page Rank, MOZ Domain Authority and/or High Trust Flow scores, ensure that web searchers will find your and your clients webpages. Clients cannot use your company if they cannot find you. When you use Internet Marketing Team to buy high Page Rank domains, you make it easy for potential clients to find your company and bring you their business.


Save Money

Time is money. In addition to saving time, you will also save money when you buy high PR domains from Internet Marketing Team. Our competitive rates ensure that you will get a quality product for less than you would pay to hire someone else to create your domains for you. Plus, you can use all the time you save by not trying to create your domains yourself to invest in other money-making endeavors for your business. Transactions are made easy, after taking payment we can have these domains moved into a single Go Daddy account within 24 hours.

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