How Does Google Evaluate a New Search Algorithm?

Every so often, Google’s staff members update the search engine’s search algorithm. They don’t do this to frustrate website owners or to make things needlessly complicated; they do this in an effort to continually improve the site’s algorithm in order to bring users the best, most useful search results. Spammers are always finding ways to […]

Backlinks FOR SEO

Backlinks are Still Very Important

Are backlinks important for SEO? Yes, backlinks are still very important but building out your link network should be done with some forethought. One of the first things people learn about when trying to optimize their website is backlinks. Backlinks are links to a website from other websites. They are important because sites that have […]

SEO Secrets for 2014: What You Need to Know to Help Your Website Succeed

  Update! – We have a new SEO Secrets for 2015 take a look here:   While no one is allowed to know exactly how the search engine giant Google specifically determines which pages will rank highest in search engine results, Google’s Matt Cutts did share some insider information at the 2013 PubCon in Las […]

Responsive Web Design, Dynamic Serving and Separate Mobile Pages: Which Method of Creating Mobile Webpages Is Best for SEO?

People exploring the Internet do not just use their desktop computers to do so anymore. They also use smart phones and other mobile devices to surf the web as well. While this can be very convenient for users, as they can log onto the Internet anywhere they go, it also means that website developers must […]

Does Adding Fresh Content Help SEO?

Smart business owners who want to boost their online presence and increase their sales know that they usually need to increase their search engine page rank in order to do so. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is how this is done. No one knows exactly how search engines rank pages exactly, but there are many […]

The 5 Best SEO Strategies

Businesses need a broad range of SEO strategies in order to gain the search engine rankings they want. But many people feel like finding a good SEO strategy is too complex to accomplish themselves. On top of that, owners may also feel that hiring an SEO expert will result in losses instead of profits. This, […]