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Local SEO for Arizona Businesses

For those who own and market an Arizona business, local search engine optimization (SEO) is tough. While they appear the same, there is a large difference between non-specific and local SEO, with the latter being more challenging to achieve. The constant changes Google makes to its algorithms increase the difficulty level, creating struggle for even […]

Hot SEO trends for 2018

Most Important SEO Trends in 2018

How good were the SEO campaigns that you used in 2017? Did the campaigns work as well as you expected? Worse? Search engine optimization, or SEO, continually changes every single day. A practically fool-proof method that you used to get on top of Google’s first page for your keyword will become extinct before you know […]


Google Swapping Domain Names for Breadcrumbs

Apparently Google’s Rolling Out More Big Changes on Mobile Search Mobile users can expect to see some changes in their Google search engine listings soon. Google recently announced that they’ll be making two big changes to their mobile search engine results: They’ll be switching out domain names for the real-world name of the site and switching out […]

SEO Secrets for 2015: What You Need to Know to Help Your Website Succeed in the Coming Year

Here we are again, another end of the year assessment. There’s been considerable changes to the SEO landscape in the past year, but those changes weren’t without warning. Google pushed out major updates to Panda, Payday Loan, and Penguin. They also dropped authorship, added https as a ranking signal, expanded their news link sets, and […]

Find and Fix Broken Links

Link Building – SEO Trends

Is broken link building the next SEO gold rush? For this weeks post I wanted to talk about broken link building. Hopefully quite a bit of you are already familiar with this as it has been discussed a few times by some SEO major hitters, like Moz and Majestic. So a lot of people have […]

How Does Google Evaluate a New Search Algorithm?

Every so often, Google’s staff members update the search engine’s search algorithm. They don’t do this to frustrate website owners or to make things needlessly complicated; they do this in an effort to continually improve the site’s algorithm in order to bring users the best, most useful search results. Spammers are always finding ways to […]

link building services

Link Building Services

Matt Cutts Explains Google’s Criteria for Identifying Paid Links By now, most web developers should know that Google frowns upon the use of paid links. Paying for links that pass Page Rank is against the search engine’s terms of service, and if a website is caught either buying or selling links that pass Page Rank, […]

Majestic SEO Launches A Search Engine

When performing SEO for your company, sometimes it would be helpful to know not only which other companies’ websites are ranking the highest in your field or for your keywords, but also how they managed to achieve the Page Rank that they did. While you undoubtedly know the basic SEO strategies, it would be very […]

Does Adding Fresh Content Help SEO?

Smart business owners who want to boost their online presence and increase their sales know that they usually need to increase their search engine page rank in order to do so. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is how this is done. No one knows exactly how search engines rank pages exactly, but there are many […]

The 5 Best SEO Strategies

Businesses need a broad range of SEO strategies in order to gain the search engine rankings they want. But many people feel like finding a good SEO strategy is too complex to accomplish themselves. On top of that, owners may also feel that hiring an SEO expert will result in losses instead of profits. This, […]